Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter pricing causing outrage

Many Xbox 360 users aren't happy with the $99.99 price tag of the recently released Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter with N network support.

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kira423680d ago

That was a funny read. The adapter is half the price of the arcade SKU lol

DrRobotnik3680d ago's also funny that people still go out and buy that thing, not realizing that the original xbox wi-fi adapters(pelican brand)works fine on 360 and is a tenth of that price.

Zedux3680d ago

as long as MS knows they can milk YOU they will so better just stop being a cow!

Mr_Bun3680d ago

You can also buy a wireless n router for half that price...and get a lot more uses out of it

gaffyh3680d ago

If people don't buy it, MS will cut the price. So if you want it cheap, don't fall for it and buy it immediately like every other 360 peripheral. Simple.

MURKERR3680d ago

and XBL yearly cost this gen you would be very shocked, microsoft have raped

Nihilism3680d ago

what a joke, the only reason they do it is because idiots let them get away with it, i hope all you suckers staring at the ground right now are happy with what you've created

Shadow Flare3680d ago

THAT is the whole philosophy behind XBox Live

nix3680d ago

how is MS going to make money if they don't milk the idiots?

3680d ago
Syronicus3680d ago

There are people that think MS will release NATAL at less than 100 bucks... Now that is LOL funny stuff.

MS is known for ripping the consumers off for their peripherals, can you expect anything less from a company willing to sell you a console that breaks all the time? I didn't think so.

Nihilism3680d ago

how dare you insult the vapourware like that, natal will change the way modern science is thought of! /s

Chubear3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

This isn't new with MS and we all know it. I've that price for a while now so why are we acting shocked? MS does this as routine.

Why do you think 360 games on DVD9 are the same exact price as Blu-ray dics? Shouldn't they be like $5-10 cheaper? But ofcourse you won't get gaming "journalists" asking none of these questions though and the 360 fanbase have shown they enjoy to take what MS gives them.

MS knows their consumer base. They know the type of people that support them and defend them to the end thoroughly and they'll keep harvesting these people. It's just the way many people are made, they can't help it and it's smart business.

Why you think the 3Do, Jaguar etc could manage to sell the product to millions?

Godmars2903680d ago

"They" have yet to create anything yet. MS is working too hard at making the 360 popular., at least vs the amout of returns they've seen. That the Wii easily outpaced them a year after launch and PS3's was nearly matching them in selling when it was $600.

vhero3679d ago

Whoever buys one of these for this price is an idiot or has more money than sense obviously.

ico923679d ago

is there any excuse why the 360 doesnt have built in wi-fi i mean even the DS has built in wi fi and that was released in 2004(5th year anniversary soon)

ThanatosDMC3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Butt but it's only 99.99/365 = $0.27 cents a day!!!

darthv723679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

It would match my elite. Yet, I hard wire my elite because it is in the game room. My original pro is in the front room with the hddvd drive hooked up. The original wifi adp is connected to the back of the hddvd drive.

Performance wise compared to my ps3 right next to it, I am impressed at the signal strength the 360 adapter has. My router is practically 3 rooms away and the ps3 has a signal strength of 55-60% but the 360 is pulling over 75%. I dont know if it has to do with the external directional antenna or what. Even the wii is averaging 65-70%.

When watching netflix on both I get more hd streams and less drops from the 360 than the ps3.

Is there anything I can do to improve the signal strength on the ps3 besides moving it closer to the router?

Serial_EDX3679d ago

so MS milks everything. WTF is up with the ps3 headsets?

Bob Dole3679d ago

They're expensive as hell, that's whats up with em. But luckily just about any bluetooth headset OR USB headset will work. Bob Dole's bluetooth cost him 15 bucks about a year ago.

BWS19823679d ago

WTF is up, is that Sony doesn't mandate proprietary accessorizing and upgrading. They open the floodgates and give choice and value to the consumer, and then also put out their own version. They don't force you into being ripped off, they leave options. So don't compare the two, it's apples and oranges.

Icecold333679d ago

A full game cost 1/3 the cost of an xbox 360 arcade. People shouldn't buy games they are just too expensive.

SaiyanFury3679d ago

Quite simply put, the Xbox 360's wireless adapter is a ripoff. Even the Wii has G-band wireless connectivity. The PS3 also supports G-band out of the box. The simple fact of the matter is that wireless network connectivity is literally a 5 dollar technology. Making a wireless adapter to cost 100 dollars is a clear corporate ripoff. In my PC, I have an Encore (no-name brand) N-band wireless card that cost me 30 dollars shipped that allows me to access my home network at 300mbps. Name brands like Linksys and whatnot want 60-100 dollars for their cards. Microsoft was a big wrong with not including wireless connectivity out of the box. Making the wireless adapter a hundred bucks was a big wrong. From a simple economic standpoint, it's a big ouch for Microsoft.

Kurt Russell3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

All these people who whinge about the price, and start comparing it to other things on the market are chumps. Just don't buy it - there problem solved! As for Microsoft trying to squeeze pennies out of people - It is their jobs to do just that... dummies.

Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo doesn't care about you - And why should they... you still sucker up and shop for them.

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snake_eater3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

and you can buy a superior product that can do everything you ever dreamed or imagined.

Lets do the math:
moneybox 360 arcade (includes rrod) + wireless adapter = 299$
Playstation 3 (includes blu-ray, wi-fi and a 120GB hard drive)= 299$

do i have to say anything else?

Playstation 3
it only does everything

qface643680d ago

ok i admit it that made me laugh

champ213680d ago

ps3 doesnt do 1080p on most of the games. try harder.

its pc that really does everything ;-)

Chubear3680d ago

The Xbox360: Pay Beyond.

RuPaul3679d ago

cry more PS3 fanturds. Wireless N is a XBox Xclusive.

While you're lagging on the POSN, I'll be lag free thanks to my wireless N and Microsoft.

Consoldtobots3679d ago

quick noone tell the drag-queen that all PS3s have true next gen gigabit ports.

infekt3679d ago

You still gotta wait until you mommy takes that nipple out of your face and buys you one..

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ActionBastard3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

The adapter costs as much as my Roku box (Netflix streamer), which has wifi built in. Hahaha. For shame Microsoft. For shame.

The original Xbox? Wait, no, they all had HDDs. I'm stumped ;)

MURKERR3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

talking about a ps2 or 360?..

^oh sh!t i forgot xbox1 all had hd's,so 360 could be considered a step backwards but also a step forwards in the way it rapes your pockets

Trebius3680d ago

The 360 was probably built for that reason rape peoples wallets...

Considering it was released with the cheapest materials they could build it with...

Obviously defective because of its 33% death rate...

XBL being a pay-for service when it could very easily be free...

Only 2 developers under their roof making games for them exlusively, so you can tell they dont really care much for new games like PS3 and their 22+ development teams.

Next console Microsoft releases i wouldnt be surprised if they make you buy the remote seperately...and people actually DO it...

For Teh HALOZ!!!

vhero3679d ago

360 was built as the base console with nothing on it you had to buy everything else to get the "full experience" separate at a more expensive price than the original PS3 price (before the drop). It was all a ploy so they can claim they are the cheapest console out of the 2 when in reality they are not. Of course they can't rely on everybody to buy these accessorys so how can they get the money? Xbox live fees of course!

Briefcase Joe3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Why are people outraged? It is overpriced, but MS is not forcing you to buy it. There are cheaper options available. If people weren't such lazy fvcks, they would know that already. I sure as hell wouldn't pay $100 for it.

Why o why3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

tell that to the parents who feel this is the correct wireless adapter to get for their kids 360 because it has a 'certified' tag on it

champ213680d ago

you could get banned for using uncertified hardware lol...

who knows, microsoft expect you to use their hardware even if it means bending over.

if they did care so much for the end user theyd allow all wifi devices to work + hard drives etc

beardpapa3679d ago

The majority of shoppers (especially those in the holiday seasons) are generally your average Joe when it comes to video games. These average joes probably don't know jack when it comes to available options, prices, and necessary hardware. Christmas moms are more likely to buy a 360 along with accessories stamped with a 360 logo for their kids, than to check the back of an accessory to see if it's compatible with a 360 video game console. The average joe and jane is that ignorant when it comes to shopping for something so foreign.

Take for example my cousin. He recently bought a PS3. At the same time, he needed me to go with him to know what to buy. He plays video games on his PC, PSP, and DSi but is new to owning an actual video game console. He's played games on a console before. Just never owned one. I tell you. He was so completely ignorant to "next-gen" video gaming that he was going to buy a Monster Cable hdmi, Sony PS3 bluetooth headset, and controller charging cradle thinking it'll add to the best gaming experience.

Instead, I made him get a $4 hdmi cable at the store since Monster Cable isn't necessary. The headset he could use his phone's. And the charging cradle he could use the usb cable. If I wanted to be really mean, I would've told him in order to get the best experience he'd need to get a surround system from Sony because that'd be completely compatible with the PS3. Oh... and throw in a Bravia too. He'd really believe that Sony-everything will be the best.

That's to show how ignorant typical shoppers are when they're new to the video game console hobby.

BasilMarceaux3679d ago

Im not really concerned about this one considering that there ARE cheaper third party options.

HOWEVER, what really ticks me off is the $150 price tag on a friggin 120g HDD. Its total bull, MS your hard drives cost as much as a Wii for christs sake. Im running out of space on my 60gb with game installs but I refuse to pay that ludicrous price.

I got a 250gb HDD for my PS3, cost me $60.

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Robearboy3680d ago

Sorry but that just takes the p1ss, shame on you MS