Sony Has Microsoft Sweating

Ironstarmovement: "Microsoft has lived under a countless amount of praise by gaming journalist since the release of the Xbox 360. When the Playstation 3 released, 360 was claimed to be the superior console with the PS3 having "no good games". The times have changed and Microsoft is under stiff competition."

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3676d ago
LordMarius3676d ago

Repent bots your era has ended, it was short lived and pathetic but you can still be on the winning side

Dutch Boogie3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

lol their like an average fcku. Their victory felt good but was short lived.

Carve this into your brains bots. Sony will forever remain king. Imitators will forever see defeat.

4point7BillionLoss3676d ago

like sony imitating xbox live (still 18 months behind)
adding facebook integration
demoing a hands free controll system
etc etc

Play behind !!!!

PirateThom3676d ago

Facebook? You mean, like the PS3 has had since launch?
Hands free controls? Like the PS2 has had for about 8 years?

ChrisW3676d ago

God, I love the smell of canon fodder in the morning!

4point7BillionLoss3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

yes yes , we all know you could access facebook through the compeltely rubbish internet browser. But the point is WHY is sony all of a sudden integrating facebook within the XMB?

Because, Sony, have finally seen the light, after realising that if it's integrated it's much MORE usefull to the community. Also, Sony know just how few people both to use the web browser for aynthing like facebook etc ... Just like Microsoft knows it's crap to brose the net with a games controller ... they didn't even bother trying to put Internet Explorer on the xbox because NO ONE WOULD USE IT !!!!!

Your failure to notice this indicates just how stupid you are.

Hands free controller. Yes again, Sony had something that you could wave your hands at. Eye toy was and is a cheap gimmick. It's performed incredibly badly. We all know this. It's junk. So again WHY are Sony currently in the process of Demoing a NEW hands free controller that is NOT eye toy? Please explain? It has EVERYTHING to do with Sony again realising that microsoft's project NATAL is generating far more interest globally than sony's pink dildo wii controller imitation.

It really funny seeing you try to counter this with puny "bu bu bu bu sony did it first comments" but really tom ... you fail ... you fail 4.7 nillion times more than anyone else on "opinions for PS3 bloggers"

Play Behind !!!!

3675d ago
talltony3675d ago

"But the point is WHY is sony all of a sudden integrating facebook within the XMB?"

Because it only does everything? Seriously I dnt know how you guys can still back the xbox. I have it and it has just been collecting dust because of the ps3. I could easily live without it cause the only game i want on it is splinter cell conviction but even that might go to ps3. I got MW2 on ps3 and I can join friends in progress and invite them for FREE! The Ps3 is making the 360 obsolete. I think the xbox 360 reign is over. It was better than ps3 before it caught its stride with AAA games but now come next year I cant imagine how the ps3 will have any competition. just my 2 cents.

3675d ago
infekt3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

See those numerous disagrees under your comments? It means nearly everyone thinks your comments are d1ck.

zag3675d ago

The web browser on the PS3 is the same one used on Nokia mobile phones.

As for the integration you'll most likely find it's just a web page link rather than a whole program just for facebook.

The interesting thing is though the PS3 can use any of the cloud social sites twitter, myspace etc, where as the 360 can't do this.

MS have only added it because the PS3 can use all of them and want to make the 360 look like it can do the same stuff when really it can't as it doesn't have any program that will allow it to do so.

mmm, So EyeToy is crap, yet the camera on the 360 is completely ignored and MS have to release a whole new SKU just so they can do a hands free controller, um... yeah... great??

It'll be a gimmick, it won't be something you'd really use for a controller but to show off to people and never use again because it'll end up being such a poor controller.

the Wii controllers are pretty poor try playing golf and then trying to do a tiny put with it it can't pick up the slight movement so you end up hitting it too hard as you get fed up with it's poor wii-motes.

These types of controllers look good at first yet when you really use them, they end up being a waste of time.

4point7BillionLoss3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

If it were JUST a link t oa web browser interface, WHY, again WHY is sony ALSO integrating it with the XMB?

You FAIL to realise that the INTEGRATION part of the face book INTEGRATION means that your online account, be it xbox live or PSN is going to be ... I.N.T.G.R.A.T.E.D. with your facebook and twitter account. meaning you don't have to go off and fiddle with some crap online browser and has no understanding of what you may or may not have just done in the gaming world. The WHOLE point it online community. Not simply being able to access these applications. On their own they mean nothing. However, once integrated they add more to the community experience.

If you still don't understand the difference please seek help.

As for the eye toy NATAL debate. Ask yourself ... WHY has the wii done so well compared to the xbox and PS3 - I personally think it's rubbish ... I got one as a wedding present ... but I only use it, like you said as a gimmick, to play tennis or bowling when we have mates over. I think it goes without saying ... I am not the target audience for the Wii. Agree?

So, what is the target audience? Younger kids. Kids who like waving their arms about and who don't really care if it's precisly accureate enough to perform Call of Duty Sniping. It's an ausience that neither the Xbox nor the PS3 has appealed to yet. And it's BIG. As the wii has shown it's probably one of the biggest markets out there. The eye toy missed a huge opportunity because it PROBABLY could have put the PS3 in contention with the wii by appealing to this audience ... but it didn't. It just doesn't compete.

However NATAL's whole purpose is to appeal to young gamers. This is as far as Xbox 360 and PS3 goes, an untapped market. By the end of 2010, most kids who already have a wii will be excited by the next big thing. The PS3's wand being so similar to the wii will almost certaily not be as exciting to them as NATAL. IF the developers can achieve the kind of games demo'd by the NATAL video I think there will be a HUGE demand by young gamers to want an xbox. And I agree with your point about these controller system beign a gimmick and a waste of time ... BUT I am not their target audience? I couldn't givbe two hoots about NATAL ... but my kids will think it's the next best thing ... !!!

And if you disagree, please explain again, why is Sony now in the process of demoing and NEW hands free controller system that is NOT eye toy?

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Sarcasm3676d ago

"5. Lower the price of the arcade SKU for 360 and lower accessory price"

I agree with lowering the accessory pricing cause I want a bigger HDD also. But lowering the price of the hardware AGAIN is getting a bit too much. If they lower it any more, it'll be the same price as a DS lol

WildArmed3676d ago

no. 2 and no. 5 make perfect sense to me.
2. Get more ambitious (Give gamers a great game that isn’t a shooter)
5. Lower the price of the arcade SKU for 360 and lower accessory price

Loved L4D, and Gears etc etc.
but something else would be nice. They are taking steps towards that already with Natal, and am waitin to see how that turns out

Zedux3676d ago

Sony has both MS and VGChartz sweating lol! The first has to lie and second has to spread the lie lol!!!

WildArmed3676d ago

you can add Valve to that list

Syronicus3676d ago

Will that help erase the years of poor hardware and the reputation that MS has for a defunct console? I don't think so. Everybody knows about the RROD and so many folks will spend the extra bucks to get a reliable console since they do not want to keep having to exchange or have their console repaired. MS shot themselves in the foot with the RROD and the sales these days are showing it.

deadpoole3675d ago

one and only one complain ... why the hell would u increase Xbox 360 Arcade price.

skip2mylou3675d ago

it says lower prices of the arcade sku and the accessory

Game13a13y3675d ago

6. redesign the controller (that d-pad and just ain't working for me)
7. releasing a 360 slim (make it more reliable, less noisy, and a built in wi-fi)
8. allow XBL silver members to play games online (i don't need those extra bell and whistles, they are only getting in the way)

.... or just sweep the 360 under the rug and release a better console.

Shadow Flare3675d ago

"sweating like a hooker in church"

Raz3675d ago

This is why you should never jump the gun just to get a head start on your competition. Things get rushed, problems arise, and you'll be taking two steps back for every step forward. You'll be further ahead while your opponent is still warming up; but you'll also burn out a lot faster.

Then, when you're out of breath and struggling to keep going, the guys with the 10-year plan will catch up and politely steamroll your butt into the dirt.


Genesis53675d ago

Sweating? I'll think they'll be needing clean underwear soon.

Xgamerzus3675d ago

sweat sweat sweat, M$ till to fade away!! Cheap BUdget PC clone!
Expensive peripherals and all the failures you can imagine in OS, portable, and now gaming,
Why do we even accept M$ in gaming again???

D4RkNIKON3675d ago

"Sweating like a hooker in church" NICE! lol

commodore643675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )


if truth be told, the only people who should be sweating are Sony shareholders, given the massive losses posted for ps3 until now.

What's the total loss on ps3 so far? .. $4.7 billion?

I very much doubt that Sony shareholders would be celebrating to the same extent as the n4g fanboys above!

GarandShooter3675d ago

"you took a hooker to church?"

YungXclusive2K93675d ago

made my day i wanna go play UC2 for my 3rd playthrough

Soldierone3675d ago

I cant stop laughing at the Uncharted quotes, its perfect! LMAO

6point8billionloss3675d ago

Speaking of 4.7 billion losses, have you seen MS's losses in the Xbox division? 6.8 billion.

ico923675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

"you brought a hooker to church?"

i thought i was the only person that rememberd that line

Sitdown3675d ago

1.)How can you jump the gun when there is not a national release a console day. You release when you feel like you are ready to release..not wait until you feel like everybody else is ready to release. As a matter of fact, Sony "talked" of releasing around the same time, but had delays. 2.)There is no proof that by waiting Microsoft would have released a better console. 3.)You don't burn out a lot faster because you jump the gun to get a head start, you burn out by not pacing yourself. But even if you do burn out...nobody cares as long as you reach the finish line first...even though I admit there really isn't a "finish line" here.

FACTUAL evidence3675d ago

IMPOSSIBLE! B..bu..but they have halo!

Megatron083675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

another ps3 fangirl blog trying to pass as "news"

Fact is sony is losing money on the ps3

Fact MS is making money on the 360

so who is sweating who ?

Anon19743675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Kaz confirmed the PS3 has been profitable as a platform since the last fiscal year. Microsoft has never said, at least to my knowledge, that the 360 is profitable. Recently, analysts have even suggested that the 360 hardware is even being sold at a loss again at current price points, and without knowing how overall software and accessory sales are going we have no idea if the 360 is profitable.

If you can find a recent link to Microsoft stating that the 360 is profitable, I'd love to see it. We know Microsoft Entertainment's overall profits are up and down but we don't know exactly where the 360 stands in all of that.

I'd love to see where your "facts" are coming from.

bjornbear3675d ago

Thats why they sweating...

Saaking3675d ago

the end has come for MS. Not even 10 Halos in one year can save them.

DaTruth3675d ago

Good question! I've never once seen MS release a statement that the 360 is profitable, and since it is all wrapped up in MSFT, they don't have to!

Since their entire business model is trying to look better than Sony, I'm sure they would have if they could have!

rockleex3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Sony was smart and realized they needed more time to make sure the PS3 actually works under industry standards, unlike Microsoft.

When your product barely even works, you know it was a rushed job. That also applies to anything else in life.

spacetattoo3675d ago

Actually It was before the price break that ps3 was making money.

So they are losing money but making strides in selling more software.

Anon19743675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Where did Sony say that?

Because, Kaz said in August that the PS3 Slim would be sold at a loss, but that overall it was still profitable.

"Responding to the issue of selling the redesigned PS3 at a loss, Hirai explained, “I don’t actually know that that’s the true nature of the business that we’re all in, whether it’s PlayStation, Xbox or the Wii. I think the better indicator is to look at the business as a whole platform, to ask: are you profitable in terms of the hardware, software and peripherals. And the answer to that question is yes on a gross profit level since the last fiscal year.”

So, with the price cut, Kaz says the PS3 makes money. Do you have some source that proves otherwise? It doesn't matter if the hardware loses money, so long as they make it up with software, PSN, accessories. That's something Microsoft has never confirmed. Analysts think the 360 is still sold at a loss, and MS has never to my knowledge stated that they make up for it elsewhere. And given MS's knack for spouting off in this department - don't you think if the 360 was profitable, that would be something they'd be crowing about?

Immortal Kaim3675d ago

It took 1min for me to check if Microsoft had made profit on the Entertainment and Devices devision, so I assume you already knew the answer. Don't you guys get sick of bloody debating the same sh*t day in, day out.

edgeofblade3674d ago

Yay, early morning fanboy swatting!

Anyone notice how PS3 Slim is "sold at a lost but still profitable", but no one wants to admit that's the way 360 works, too? It's funny how people like to assume that Microsoft is filled with idiots and the 360 "barely works"... and the PS3 can do no wrong. Barely works? That's quite a bit of spin.

Anon19743674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

It doesn't. We can't see the breakdown within the Entertainment division to see how much of that profit is 360, how much is Office for Mac, how much is portable device windows, etc.

Simply because the Entertainment division has eeked out small profits the last two fiscal years doesn't prove the 360 itself is profitable. In fact, when 360 sales hit their highest in the six months right after their price cut last year, revenue was slightly up from the 6 months in the year prior but profit plummeted to the tune of almost half a billion dollars. With the increased 360 sales that is a strong indication that the 360 is NOT profitable, which many financial analysts picked up on as well. Microsoft has never verified to my knowledge that the 360 makes them any money.

Like I said, if there's a link out there that proves somehow the 360 is profitable, I'd love to see it.

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LOLPSN3676d ago

Its a Shame that PS3 still the B!tch of the industry (Last Place)


CernaML3676d ago

The PS3 is my bottom b!tch! Nuthin' wrong with dat!

Abash3676d ago

Good to see Sony doing well again

hay3676d ago

PS3 is third fastest selling console to date. You want to say it was doing bad?

3XP3675d ago

Wow yet another fanboy medication article. From all of the oh look at Microsoft sweating articles, I think the sony fanboys that keep writing and approving this dumb blog articles are the ones that obviously need convincing.

The really funny thing is that the wii, is the one at the top of the pile, yet to give themselves some hope, they try to disgard the wii as being "not nextgen".

There was also a guy saying that he was going to play UC2 for his third play through. Now, why would you be playing that for the 3rd time, if you have soooooooo many other games to play?

Just wondering.

Pumbli3675d ago

3XP - I see your point, all this "PS3 is the best!" stuff is getting old, I come here to read news and maybe the occasional article on someone's opinion (if it's not too extreme) but not to read some blog written by a troll attempting to ignite flame wars.

As for the guy who's on his 3rd playthrough of U2, kudos to him, I'm on my 4th :P It's just that great, I have a lot of other games to play, but U2 always drags me back in the end.

rockleex3675d ago

When their were PS3 doomed articles every day on N4G.

Sometimes 5 in one day.

I guess no one is allowed to criticize Microsoft?

I thought this was supposed to be N4Sony?

Wait, why are you guys being such crybabies anyway? Wah wah wah.

edgeofblade3674d ago

Funny how the only site that "publishes" trash like this in my reader is N4G. Look at the horrible grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

But the PS3 fans take it as a pit-stained sweating gospel...

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