GTA 5: Dan Houser reveals first details

Dan Houser, vice president of Rockstar Games, reveals first details about GTA 5. The script for GTA 5 is set to have more than 1,000 pages. But the city of GTA 5 and the characters were not yet set in stone.

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Isaac4272d ago

It will be gimped by DVD9 probably

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devilhunterx4271d ago

Agreed. Rest of the game you would have to buy as DLC.

skeletonss4271d ago

Hurt much?

Cause ps3 exclusive games are soo much longer than multiplats.

Trebius4271d ago

Isaac is right...

Another gimped GTA game...

If this one has multiple discs for 360, i'll be much more interested.

But if they manage to squeeze it into a measly 6 gigs...I wont get my hopes up at all.

Pre-emptive Edit: 360 games arent allowed the whole 9gigs to work with on DvD9...a portion of it is reserved for anti-piracy software and other things which leave the developer with less than 7gigs to work with in the end.

Highlife4271d ago

More excited for Agent won't be gimped by DVD9

ikaris4271d ago

Isaac and everyone who followed just owned that Brit.
It is true, dvd9 need to be replaced by another dvd format. I'm surprised mass effect 2 is coming on 1 disc. lol
final fantasy 13 is on 3 for 360. 1 for ps3. yay.

blogz4fanboyzz4271d ago

can you tel me why gta and saints row both stomped all over blu ray exclusive infamous in every way if they were gimped by DVD9???

if they were gimped when they were much bigger, had better graphics, offered REAL sandbox gameplay(not tacked on samey side missions) and were overall better games in every way, then why didn't infamous destroy these games???

Noctis Aftermath4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

@above: please just stfu, infamous isn't like GTA or saints row it is a sandbox adventure game first and foremost, you can't jack cars or any of that Cool GTA sh1t.

And yes unless it comes on 3+ discs for the 360 version the potential for the game will be extremely limited... good job rockstar on making another mediocre POS GTA game if they put it on 1 dvd9.

Just re-master San andreas, it would probably own whatever GTA5 turns out to be anyway.

Saaking4271d ago

If it's PS3 exclusive I'm interested if not it'll be just another overrated pos. I'll have Agent instead

Jamegohanssj54271d ago

Just say Vice City in the 1980's and I'm all yours.


BWS19824271d ago

asking other gamers to validate his own opinion on why a game he likes is better than one other people like...If you are intent on "proving" an opinion, do it yourself, with futility, nobody is going to go out of their way to explain why YOU liked a game better. Better graphics? What dimension are you from?

Elaine Benes4271d ago

....Average Movie: 2 hours.

2 x 10 = 20.

20 hours?!?!?!?!? Isnt that about how long GTA4 was?

CaptainKratos4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

please!!!! bring back the awesome music!!!!!

Coffin874271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

I would LOVE a return to Vice City, really, believe me, but the force is not strong with this.

"Zwar habe man noch keinen Namen für die Stadt in der GTA 5 spielt" happens to mean "they do NOT YET HAVE A NAME FOR THE TOWN THAT GTA V TAKES PLACE IN"....

no vice city. =(((

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Rocco Siffredi4272d ago

I cant wait for the next comment of the tards that DVD0 is outdated and at the end gta5 will look better on 360 compared to PS3, lol!

I mean, they said the same about GTA4 and at the end it ran on the 360 with 30 FPS and 720p compared to PS3s 640p and 25FPS.

Unicron4272d ago

....pre-emptive damage control and spin?

Dude get a life, no one's even said anything.

Nothing like Xbots playing the victim on N4G.


stonecold14272d ago

exclusive they wont bring it to the crapbox with its lastgen dvd8 format gta4 was the last game for the craopbox plus gta5 will take advantage of the blu ray and instead of being held back because of the last gen xbox 360 and dvd8

The real killer4272d ago

You forget somthing, it's made by 3 party developer.
Your SUB-HD box don't even have 1080p support at 60 FPS.

Isaac4271d ago

DVD6.8 will force this game to be downgraded to last-gen standards, just like GTAIV

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DaTruth4271d ago

GTA4 had textures??? Where???

4271d ago
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LOLPSN4272d ago

I'll get the Superior Version with Exclusive DLC and Superior Online

360 version FTW

enjoy your bad Port Droids

champ214272d ago (Edited 4272d ago )

superior verson will runn at 1920*1200(and beyond) max textures @ 60fps.

running at640-720p low res rextures @ 25fps is clearly inferior.

stonecold14272d ago

gt prolgue and gt5 have true 1080p high def unlike the last gen xbox dvd and not consider a true hifgh def console and dosent have 1080p and dosent have hdmi cords have fun with dvd swapping when finalfantasy 13 comes because it will be sub par high def on crapbox

t8504272d ago

well none of the consoles truely do 1080p.

asides afew exclusives even the ps3 is mostly 720p and below.

milkbox cant even claim a 1080p title, so ps3 is superior in that sense.

though even the ps3 out of 300 titles only about 20 are 1080p.. thats less then 10%.

only gaming machine doing true 1080p is the pc.

DaTruth4271d ago (Edited 4271d ago )

Sony plans on future 3D support for all titles! That would be impossible at 1080p, so most demanding titles are 720p!

At least Sony has an excuse. Only multiplat games and 360 exclusives run in sub HD! PS3 exclusives run in 720p or higher. Wonder why???

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Close_Second4272d ago

...the script is 2000 pages as long as the gameplay is better than GTAIV. A major overhaul to the gfx engine wouldn't go a miss either.

beavis4play4271d ago

if it's as FUN as vice city. plus, the VC radio is the overall best in the series.
GTA 4 was a BIG letdown.

RussDeBuss4271d ago

everything about it was cool.

driving around miami in a ferrari with the roof down, in a pastal suit listening to 80's madona shooting people up, genius, what souls be more fun?

ThanatosDMC4271d ago

Yeah, there were too many Bloom effects on GTA4. I hope they tone it down a notch in GTA5.

Isaac4272d ago

Why does this retard write with caps the first characters of each word? Most of those aren't even names. It seems that the average intelligence of an Xtard is not higher than that of a chimp.