Vampire Rain Pours Down

IGN speaks with Naoto Ohshima, President of Artoon and producer on Vampire Rain. Ohshima explains the story, the effects of rain on vampires, and details the multiplayer.

Vampire Rain is the latest title from Artoon and is a stark departure from previous titles such as Blinx. An action-shooter set in a war-torn city overrun by Nightwalkers, Vampire Rain has been kept under wraps for U.S. press.

Hit the jump for all the latest on Vampire Rain.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4744d ago

Did it change or somthing? Not being a 360 fanboy I'm asking a real question.

sonarus4744d ago

No it didnt it has always been multiplatform. The game looks pretty lame though definetly not getting my 60 bucks. A rental at most

Excalibur4744d ago

The first trailers that came out for it looked fairly promising but the stuff lately looks pretty bad, more like Last gen than Next Gen.

I'll pick this one up when it's in the $9.99 bin.