MyMedia Review: Metroid Prime Trilogy Review

MyMedia Writes: The greatest game trilogy of all time. Three of the greatest games ever made for the price of one; it doesn't get any better than that. I feel like I wouldn't be doing my job very well if I ended it there, but there really isn't a lot more that has to be said. It's funny looking back now. 7 years ago Super Metroid fans were up in arms about a developer they had never heard of creating a first person Metroid game. The same fans that had to wait 8 years for a sequel almost preferred no new games rather than a nobody to come a long and ruin it all by taking the series into the third dimension. Oh, how wrong they were. Metroid Prime proved to be one of the greatest first person games of all time. If you didn't manage to get around to it, and its sequel, last generation Nintendo has been kind enough to remaster them with controls from the third game, and collate it all into a neat little package.

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