Top 5 games to go on media blackout for in 2010

There's two types of games in today's market. Games that can be spoiled and games that can't. With publishers trying to make sure that the market is saturated with their latest games' media, it's difficult to come into a game with a fresh experience. Although sometimes there are games that you just have to play to get the full effect, there are those where too much information is a very bad thing. Here's a look at the games you're going to want to wait until release to really dive into.

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alphakennybody3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

good list overall, But if I could replace 1 or 2 games mines would be the top 2 and 1, My top 2 would be heavy rain and top one would agent if they ever release it in 2010, I know its both exclusives(spare me with the disagrees please) but those those two are really my most anticipated game for 2010 the others are already on the list.

swiftshot933677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

lol you wont have to worry about Agent. Actually we'll be lucky if we even get a couple of trailers for that game. I think we might since Sony is backing Agent up, but usually with Rockstar North we barely get any media.

Could be different this time though since Agent is a new IP, then again anything with the Rockstar logo on it is usually a recipe for success.

swiftshot933677d ago

I 100% agree with the top 3, perfect list.

Myst3677d ago

I really need to throw down some money on pre-ordering Mass Effect 2. I want that game as soon as it comes out.