Eurogamer: Shadowrun Review

From the review: "My bank manager's frowning. Were I smart, I could have spun this out for two reviews and doubled my profits. Instead, I'm doing it for one for the simple fact that this dual PC/XBox release is the same. In fact, I could probably sum up the major differences in one paragraph. Let's give it a shot."

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sonarus4572d ago

so far two 6 point ratings. IGN and gamespot need to hurry up and rate this game so i can know if its worth my time

ryanjtravis4572d ago

Okay, great - so reading the review, he points out how the game is innovative, fun, and a great time. The new mechanics are really cool, etc., etc.

Yet he scores it a 6 because of the price? I dunno... seems a bit harsh to me. I do agree that this game is slim on the features and should cost less, but to give a ridiculously fun, fresh game like Shadowrun a 6 because of the price seems a bit ridiculous.

PhinneousD4572d ago

their review are always either biased or contradicting to everything they say.

uuuunvnv24572d ago

and ill say it again. IF YOU HAVE LIVE THIS IS THE GAME YOU WANT!!!!!! the game is so much fun and so fresh that it is almost unreal. This is 1 of the top 5 best multiplayer games I have ever played(if you dont count series repeats ie.-graw/graw2 and so on) the only thing that could have been better is if you could change the way the guy you pick looked, kind of like on GRAW or Rainbow. other than that it is a very good game and should not get a score under a 8.5.

Ravenator5294572d ago

I don't expect this game to score anything higher than an 8 on any review. I do expect to see a lot of scores in the 7.5 range once they start to appear.

I beta tested Shadowrun and while I did purchase the full retail version, I do believe that the price is too high for an online only game.

This ame should have been listed at $40 across the board. Not $60 for the 360 and $50 for PC.

Oh well, I am having fun with this game and I see myself having fun with it for a long time from now.

Its too bad that many people will pass this game up due to the reviews its about to receive. People need to remember that just because this isn't the next "Halo" or "Counter Strike", there is still a great time to be had.