5 Most Ridiculous and Unnecessary Accessories for the Nintendo Wii

Bright Hub writes: "Like many people who own the system, I absolutely love the way the Nintendo Wii's motion controls create a truly immersive experience. Swinging the Wii Remote to return a serve in Wii Sports Resort is much more fun than simply hitting a button to do so would be. At times, it's like I can actually feel the ping pong paddle or golf club in my hand while I play.

You'd think that the ability to imagine actually holding the on-screen object you're interacting with would be enough to satisfy most people. Apparently, for some people, it isn't. There are many great, must-have accessories out there for the Wii, but it seems like the number of completely ridiculous and unnecessary addons for the console are multiplying every day.

Let's take a look at some of our least-favorite examples."

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Relientk773680d ago

I like the lightsaber-ripoff ones, just cuz they look cool

Enigma_20993679d ago

Just kick the screen of your TV in and save yourself some time...