Americas Preorder Charts - 15th Nov 09

VGChartz writes: "For the first time since the release of Halo 3: OSDT we have a new game leading the preorder charts - Modern Warfare 2 is now out so New Super Mario Bros Wii takes the top spot for the first and only time since the game comes out today. Total preorders have now reached 520,000 units - good for a week one of around 800,000 - 850,000 units."

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Light Yagami3678d ago

Go Mass Effect and splinter cell!!

Saaking3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

New Super Mario Bros is gonna be huge. ACII also seems to be on it's way to great sales. I'm pleasantly surprised to see MAG so high up.

iron_sheik3678d ago

please dont take these as granted
vg claimed that forza3 sold 250k 1st week in USa. npd revealed the figure to be 175k so dont take these fake guesswork as gospel truth

wholikeswood3678d ago

NPD only tracks North America.

VGC tracks *all* regions of the Americas, hence the discrepancy between the 175k and 250k figures.

soxfan20053678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Not to mention that NPD for October tracked just 5 days of Forza 3 sales, not a full week. 175,000/5 = 35,000 per day. Add 2 more days to that number and you come up with 245,000 - although the true number is probably slightly less than that because 6th & 7th day sales are most likely a little less than first or second day sales.

Zedux3678d ago

fake fake fake! VGChartz is fake they make up all their data!

Noctis Aftermath3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

MAG is doing well, but GOW3 is going to be number 1 next week, and it will probably stay there until it's release.
Also anyone else notice that Bayonetta PS3 was on the list but the 360 version was not? hilarious....

@1.3: you do realize that the sales almost always GO DOWN each day? it won't sell 35k each day, probably not even close to it.

Duke_Silver3678d ago

Not to mention NPD are estimates as well

Hisiru3678d ago

Mag is a new Ip but it is doing very well (and look at the "weeks to release").

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FrankWest3678d ago

Whoa, look at that GoW3 increase, the game doesn't even have a release date yet

swiftshot933678d ago

How the f1ck is MAG beating ME2? Seriously I cant believe that...

Also Im wondering why the hell GOW3 increased in pre-orders.....

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The story is too old to be commented.