OTTG Over Look: Dragon Age Origins (PC)

OTTG writes: "There are rumours that the PC version of Dragon Age is better. Nick investigates as he plays the PC version and compares it with Blood's Over Look on the 360 version of Dragon Age."

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Nihilism3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

"There are rumours that the PC version of Dragon Age is better"

Noobs, it goes without saying that every multiplat is better on pc.

Very unprofessional video, if I made that video, I wouldn't even put it on the net, maybe he should have played it back to hear himself say "ummm yeah" every 5 seconds before putting it up and embarrassing himself/herself ( it's hard to tell with the vocal pitch ;) )

ps3 haven3674d ago

so, like I umm, agree with your point. Probably used, umm, those words too much.

champ213674d ago

asides the superior graphics, load times, upcoming mods on the pc.

a mouse and keyboard are just required for the game.

playing it on thumbsticks required the devs to put the game into noob mode.

its completely a different game.. the pc version requires thought strategy. cant say that for the console versions.

DiffusionE3674d ago

....except for MW2 PC version. What a piece of crap-bag that was....

t8503674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Pc version might have been crap cause it followed the console standard.

in a comparison between pc vs console.. pc version still wins.

3674d ago