6 Mario Bros Power Ups We Want in Real Life

Bright Hub writes: "Like many members of my generation, I practically grew up with the Mario Bros. games. I stomped my first turtle in grade school, spent my junior high years hopping from platform to platform on Yoshi's back, and passed a great deal of time my first couple years of college trying to master flying with the wing hat powerup in Super Mario 64. Along the way, I've often thought about how useful some of Mario's various power ups would be in real life.

Have you ever considered how useful an indestructible hammer suit might be? Or the ability to transform yourself into living metal? Sadly, I have. Check out my personal picks for the most useful Mario power ups in real life."

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kunit22c3672d ago

Great article, i wish there were more of these here on N4G, but sadly there isnt :(
but about the article, i would say those are the best power for real life, but i hated the frog suite in the game, but in real life it would be cool.

placebo433672d ago

Though I think Metal Mario from Mario 64 should be on the list.

Muckbeast3672d ago

This article owns. I told my wife about it and I said I bet he listed your favorite. She said "Frog Suit?" and I said YUP!

SpoonyRedMage3672d ago

Just give me the Frog and Tanooki suits and may be the new Penguin suit and I'll be good for life.:D