ToysRus Rumored Black Friday Ad Leaked

"ToysRus opens midnight Thursday, November 26th. The Midnight Doorbusters run from midnight til Friday at 1pm. The second set of Doorbuster run from 5am - 1pm. All other prices valid both Friday and Saturday.

Here is a quick summary of ToyRus Black Friday gaming deals:"

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Blaze9293680d ago

Yeah if this is true then this is one pretty lame deal. At least on 360/PS3. I suppose I could buy Forza 3 and ODST though then just resell that for more money :/

HolyOrangeCows3680d ago

I enjoyed renting it, but $60 didn't seem very reasonable when it was short, recycled the MP, and didn't have matchmaking in Firefight. I hope they patch in matchmaking for firefight.

ReservoirDog3163680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Terrible selection really.

Beast_Master3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Best buy is doing a R&C + LBP GOTY ed. +Slim PS3 for 299. and Xbox+6 games for 299.. Interesting. Both will sell out before the store opens. And before I get the all the "How can it sell before the store opens" comments I will remind people that vochers are given to people in line before the store opens which is how the bundle will be sold to the mob before the store opens.

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godcrusher3680d ago

wont be worth the madhouse that will be Toys R us on black friday.

Neo Nugget3680d ago

Meh, nothing really screams out "Wake up at 4am to get me!".

DarkTower8053680d ago

Yeah, get up @4am for NFS: thanks!

foxtheory3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

but even though I go shopping on that day, I'm not the "wake up super early to get a few good deals" kinda guy. Good deal, but not worth the hastle.

I wanna see Best Buy's deals. They had some decent ones last year. Same with Target (where I got Fallout 3, Dead Space, and Halo 3 new for $30 each).

Cheeseknight283680d ago

Target and Best Buy's are up:

I like Walmart's the best so far, DSi for $98 is nice.

greyfox2353680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

best buy has fallout 3 and resident evil 5 for 20$

im gonna pick up re5, i would pick up fallout but my save is messed up and there are to many bugs

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The story is too old to be commented.