Exclusive Denis Dyack Interview: Part 1 "Denis Dyack is one of the most well known figures in the videos games industry, both for his views and because he's the president and founder of Silicon Knights. He recently attended DIG London 2009 in London, Ontario, where he took part in a core values interview which was hosted by our very own Kyle Wynen.

However, before that session took place, we were able to catch up with Denis to get his views on the gaming industry as it currently stands."

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Saaking3680d ago

10 years and he still couldn't make a good game. There's something seriously wrong with this guy.

mephman3680d ago

The Twin Snakes was pretty hot, but that was just a remake so I guess your point stands.

tplarkin73680d ago

The concept for Too Human was ten years old, not the devlopment.

morganfell3680d ago

No, but the fact is they had ten years to consider game mechanics and still managed to blow it. And if you go back and look at the original concept for Too Human you will see something wonderful. A deep narrative that considered and wrestled with the idea that bio and mechanical engineering could take us to the point where further evolution ripped at the core of our humanity. They completely lost site of this fact as the development progressed.

corneliuscrust3680d ago

is a joke. I consider his opinion on par with tabloid articles.

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ShawnCollier3680d ago

Interesting look on pirated games and pre-owned games.

pimpmaster3680d ago

does he say how many more years till to human 2? im going to assume 4 more.

silkrevolver3680d ago

I'd assume 6-14 at the rate they do things.

3680d ago