What's Wrong with Uncharted 2 (and Virtually Every Other Video Game)

Playstation Insider writes:

"Naughty Dog's magnificent second entry in the Uncharted series might be the most "cinematic" video game of all time. The game has only just released, and there is strong temptation to elevate it, in the myopia of the moment, to the ranks of the greatest games of all time-comparing it to other genre-defining games, such as Half-life 2, The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Super Mario Bros. 3, or Halo. Journalists and reviewers have come to a tentative consensus that Uncharted 2 is likely the Playstation 3's best exclusive (you win this round Metacritic-we'll get you someday) and the game has been widely praised for its visuals, motion-capture, and storytelling."

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Saaking4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Lame article fails.

deadreckoning6664083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

From what I hear theres not much wrong with Uncharted 2. The only reason I didn't buy it was because I used all my cash ta pay off 2010 games like God of War 3 and Bad Company 2.

Edit: I just read the article. The guy basically wants every videogame to have an insightful story of some sort, like MGS4 and Bioshock. Hes saying that Uncharted 2 is all spectacle. I haven't played U2 yet, so I can't say if he's right or wrong.

Ratchet_Co4083d ago

I agree, seriously I don't understand the point of the article. The game isn't that great because it draws a lot of stuff from great films? I don't care, in fact I would prefer it that way. If a game is going to use a tried-and-true formula like Indiana Jones that's great, who said adventures like that have to ever stop? There's a whole bunch of other successful games on the PS3 that are innovative (LittleBigPlanet, Flower, etc.) and I buy those when I want something innovative. Uncharted 2 is good enough, I don't think the plot is sappy or anything, it works, the visuals are great and the gameplay is great.

Seriously now, If we're going to rag on a game that's not exactly innovative, Modern Warfare 2 just came out. It's basically MW1.5.

Darkstorn4083d ago

I actually think the author has a point. Uncharted 2 may have good storytelling, but the story is by no means deep. Social commentary is always a plus in my book, even if I disagree with it.
Then again, Uncharted 2 is modeled as a system seller, and deeper meanings are eclipsed by action in order to appeal to a majority of gamers.
Still, if you want to play a deep game, there's always MGS4 and Bioshock.

Darkstorn4083d ago

The author is not mandating that all games become philosophical treatises. He's simply saying that gamers are aging, and games must mature if they want to be taken seriously.

raztad4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )


You said it perfectly, however what I played so far tell me UC2 is just an adventure game that tells an adventure story. Nathan is Indiana Jones type of guy, I've never would expect Indiana Jones to carry a heavy message for the mases. As Saaking said this article is a fail. My question is why to choose UC2? why not the highly popular MW2 and its flashy clique stories? For the point this article wants to make MW2 would be a much better example.

Christopher4083d ago

Yet another person who doesn't get that not only are movies made to fit a genre of entertainment and not all written to be Oscar winners, the same is true of video games. Especially those written and designed to make you feel like you're controlling the protagonist in such a movie.

Let's put it this way: Which is more fun to play, Indiana Jones or Titanic? Die Hard or Slumdog Millionaire?

Timesplitter144083d ago

This is very annoying. It's the third article I see on N4G about Uncharted 2 with a very negative title, but the article itself is not bashing it at all.

Stop doing that

George Sears4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

If you read the article the author indeed used COD, Halo, Gears as an example as well. I believe he mainly used Uncharted 2 because people praise it more than the rest for being Hollywood esque which he states that its either good or bad depending on the circumstances since Hollywood itself has manifested on flashy colors and nice music but no substance to go about when it comes to storytelling and artistic critique.

Everything is just too damn cliche nowadays.

I do agree with some points that the author said but he tends to go meticulously by every detail imaginable to describe his somewhat distaste for today's movie adaptations and the usual cliches from the Adventure genre.

Uncharted 2 really blended well the graphics, gameplay and the Hollywood style effects but it was in no way trying to ump the the value of today's Adventure storytelling weather of it being a video game or movie adaptation. I do agree on there being somewhat of an inconsistency on Drake as a character being labeled an "everyday man" but the fact of the matter is that nowadays people are just uninterested when it comes to knowing the background of any character.

The author is just asking for way too much information for a person like Drake who isn't the type of guy that would just sit down and talk about stuff that happened to him in his past. Drakes overall persona is that. A witty know-it-all stereotypical American who thinks that everybody should know English regardless of being in Tibet or in any remote place in the world.

At the same time, Uncharted 2 isn't trying to be a MGS type of game which explains with detail why we are in this location, why did we fight this character, what are we fighting for etc. So in a way ND isn't trying to make Drake a consistent character nor are they trying to make them this soulless avatar like Link, Mario and the likes.

Ravage274083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

remind everyone here that there is this game called Heavy Rain releasing Feb next year, you wouldn't want to miss it if mature and thought-provoking story telling is high on your priority list.

raztad4083d ago


I went very fast through the article, but its 3 pages long and I stopped reading halfway because I didnt agree with UC2 as the main example. I think UC2 is not meant to be a classic novel just a blockbuster like action-adventure story (aka Indiana Jones).

Regarding NAthan personality, N Dogs had said in every oportunity they wanted Nathan to be believable, I feel they achieved that.

Nathan Drake: Where is the phone? where is the phone?

ReservoirDog3164083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Before I go on, check my bio. Uncharted 2 is #5 on my top 5.

I agree with the article. Kinda. The story didn't really have anything to say. It kinda felt like it wanted to but they weren't sure of they should. When Elena points out that they're the reason the village is being torn apart and how Drake says that he actually has bad luck and how Drake has killed hundreds of men in just the past day.

Not that every game needs to have that but it feels like they really should've tried to include it a little more.

The only game that has had the nerves to really push the art in games angle is, as I've said many times, GTA IV. It had dialogue so good that it was actually scary.

Maybe Uncharted 3 can balance fun and a deeper story. It's possible in games and movies. Imagine if Uncharted 3 was kinda like Children of Men. Balances art and watchablity perfectly.

edit: And, I agree that "hollywood blockbuster" is not exactly a compliment. Who wants Uncharted 3 to be like Transformers? Cheap thrills and the depth of a puddle. I'd rather something like Children of Men or the Dark Knight honestly, instead of a cheap "hollywood blockbuster."

IcarusOne4083d ago

While I don't agree with every point the author makes, I do agree that we all need to hold games and their storytelling to higher levels if we want them to mature and evolve - which I hope we all do.

To those of you calling this article flamebait, lame, or fail, you either a) didn't read it, or b) you don't actually want games to get any better and are perfectly content with the prepubescent masterpieces currently at hand.

4083d ago
ReservoirDog3164083d ago

I just meant that Children of Men balances fun and art perfectly.

You know they kinda wanted to push a few deeper meanings into Uncharted 2. But they just showed like a second of it and never showed it again with the examples I gave earlier.

And I want video games to become more artistic, thereby making it more respected. You want games to be only fun. You want immediate satisfaction, I want more than that.

How is that a bad thing?

rockleex4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

"The Dark Knight" type of game in terms of storyline.

I love Uncharted 2 and can't wait to play Uncharted 3.

But I would love even more to play a game with a storyline as amazing as The Dark Knight, with great transition between storyline and gameplay like Uncharted 2.

Uncharted 2 is a perfectly executed Indiana Jones game. But where's our "The Dark Knight" game?

4083d ago
nix4083d ago

don't worry.. after that game comes out, everyone will be saying "why can't games be simpler? blah blah blah.."

i think Folkore has one hell of a story. it will even make Tim Burton go - "what the hell?!!!"

rockleex4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

Of course, we can't expect The Dark Knight's level of dialogue in the Uncharted series or any other existing video game series. They all have their own goals.

But me, I just want a video game with The Dark Knight's level of characterization and story development.

Not too convoluted, straight to the point while advancing the story, and letting us understand the characters more... all at the same time.

I got to admit I was slightly disappointed that Drake wasn't deconstructed in Uncharted 2 as much as I wanted.

ReservoirDog3164083d ago

Artistic doesn't equal good? Why?

You want games to always have shallow storylines? Why?

If people thought like you when movies were maturing we wouldn't have Citizen Kane, The Godfather, Raging Bull, Schindler's List, Pulp Fiction or No Country for Old Men.

We want games to become respected as art don't we? And you accept it were it is. That doesn't mean you like it more. I know it's possible for games to truly become art. I just have to hope the minds behind the games don't get comfortable were we are. Innovators and progressive minds is what we need.

And of course not every game needs to be artistic. But more would be welcome.

By the way, No Country for Old Men over Transformers anyday.

sa_nick4083d ago

"Lame article fails." Indeed it does.

The dude makes to many assumptions about what the writers goals are AND about what players want from this game.

I dont want Uncharted to have crazy moral/social/political agendas, the subtle hero theme is enough. I can't stand games that try to make their story about something important because ultimately they always fail and end up being exteremly corny. Adventure games arent the place to bring up these themes.

And the cliche argument is utter crap. Everyone knows that "what could possibly go wrong?" is a cliche, that's why it's used in such a casual comedic way, even the character saying it knows it all gonna turn to sh*t.

The writer just sounds like he wants attention so he bashes the in thing using his knowledge of writing on an action game. It's like some snooty french food critque review your local pizza place. You're not gonna care wtf he thinks, you know that pizza is damn good on hot friday night.

shadow27974083d ago

Heavy Rain anyone?

If you want some deep games, that's fine. But leave your 'deep' out of my Uncharted, please.

RumbleFish4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

It's the best read I ever found on this site.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a hater, I loved the first Uncharted and I still like Uncharted 2 but the day after playing through it I had an discussion with my brotherabout exactly the same points this article is about.

I like Uncharted but I prefer deep stories.

And the most important thing is: I prefer the possibility to sneak past anyone without killing anyone. Yes, you'll probably say, I'm a MGS Fan and you are right.

All in all it's only a matter of taste, but the article is very well written and interesting. I hope game designers read this article and make games with more depth.

Please excuse my english, I'm not a native speaker.

morganfell4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

PlayStation Insulter is one of the shallow hit seeking sites that has become an anachronism. More often than not their idea of service to the PlayStation community is to tear down, insult, or debase some feature or title on the PS3. Pointing out perceived shortcomings is the order of the day and their idea of service and news. The fact is they have become mere trash through and through.

In order to improve, a company has to be shown where it is not performing up to par. On that I agree. But with PSI it is a constant stream of drivel. One look at the articles that are submitted from that site and it seems to be they are little more than and anti-Sony attack site in disguise.

On a separate note, some of the comments above are a bit of a joke. icarus one is a laugh fest. There isn't a shred of honesty in his remarks. All one has to do is peruse his post history for 2 minutes and you will see he applauds any article that paints the PS3 or one of it's titles in a negative light. Such a shallow stance is laughable and fools no one.

Ju4082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

The article is well written and I can agree to what it tries to say. But UC2 is just not the type of game this applies to.

There are heavy social laden stories. True. But there must be room for a summer action flick. A well executed action flick purely used as entertainment.

Using UC2 as to request a more compelling story in video games is kind of an abuse on a very well executed action entertainment package. I bought UC2 because I wanted just that.

I play games with deeper stories, and watch those movies, too. When I am in the mood for it (thank you to who ever brought up Heavy Rain, BTW).

But at times, I just want to get entertained. Live cannot always be so serious. In that respect I welcome UC2 for what it is. The best video game ever made (no, I, on purpose, will not say "one of").

4082d ago
Beast_Master4082d ago

Anybody that thinks Heavy Rain will be released in Feb. is fooling themselves. Sony will not sandwich this type of game between MAG, GOW3 and GT5. WKC is more likely to be sandwiched. I expect an annouced delay for HR any day now, like June or August at the earliest. The game was only 65% complete as of TGS so I could see the delay to polish and get some good press behind it before release.

The only way I can see HR being released in Febuary is if Sony keeps up the current marketing cycle (Hey Playstation ads).

BrianC62344082d ago

I don't know if the article fails. I got too bored and stopped reading half way through the first page. The guy probably likes those boring arty movies too. I mean films.

BrianC62344082d ago

"Anybody that thinks Heavy Rain will be released in Feb. is fooling themselves. Sony will not sandwich this type of game between MAG, GOW3 and GT5."

I don't see why they won't. Why does it matter if a few big games come out at once? We don't have to buy them all on the first day. People have different tastes. A lot of people might like Heavy Rain but not care for racing or action games. What makes the PS3 great is all the variety.

+ Show (25) more repliesLast reply 4082d ago
HolyOrangeCows4083d ago

He talks like the only thing reviews focused on was the "Cinematic" value.

But Uncharted 2 (And the other games he listed) is an amazing game and it just happens to do things very well and look gorgeous, thus the praise for being cinematic and all of its other great qualities.

Redempteur4082d ago

the adventure of uncharted is as good as it it BECAUSE ... they managed to include .. grphics , sound , jokes and good level design ( even if it's linear ) .

I played co-op survival with friends last night and i enjoy EVERY MINUTE OF IT . i have a lot of fun with UC2 . even when i know what will happens ..the jokes still make me laugh .

Game and films don't need to be all - action to be cinematic BUT what's wrong with uncharted 2 style ? Nothing . i can enjoy pulp fiction AND transformers because we need eveything to be diverse .

Finally my friend want to say something ...

"( speaking tibetain )"

Well ... thanks

WildArmed4083d ago

But these guys havnt even done an uncharted 2 review yet -.-
(I checked the review section)

JasonXE4083d ago

they did a video review in there podcast.

CreativeWriter4083d ago

The article isn't an attack on game reviewers. It deals with the writing in (not about) UC2 and the dangers of videogame/movie convergence. It's much less controversial than you've made it sound.

WildArmed4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

no i didnt read. But I never said the article is bad.
I just did a 30-sec research..
Will read up on this AFTER i finish U2. The editor states there are a few spoilers in there. so it'll have to wait

Sorry for being so incompetent.

TheTruth20094083d ago

Naughty Dog spends more than two years developing a masterful game lauded by critics and game players alike.
It's a groundbreaking title.
Smooth graphics, amazing sound, and an awesome story.

But the PS3 Fanbase tells them, "Good job. Thanks for nothing."

How you ask?

They don't even pick up the title.

When the PS3 outsells the XBOX360 for only one month, the fanbase screams to the rafters: "HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!"

But when it's brought to the fanbase's attention that Uncharted 2 should have sold more, they reply: "Who cares about sales?"

They're all hypocrites.

But the true problem isn't that they don't want the game. I believe that most of the PS3 Fans on this site actually purchased the title. The problem is, the fanbase is compiled of a majority of home theater-owning males that couldn't care less about videogames.

Blu-Ray? Yes.
Games. No.

So Naughty Dog, do yourselves a favor. Jump ship. Do it now.

PS3 Fans are all talk and no action. Plus, they don't care about the sales of YOUR most important franchise. Their loyalty is to Sony. And you're just a cog in the wheel.

"Sales don't matter." Tsk, tsk.

FlipMode4083d ago

What's even sadder is you, this site is so small, it hardly matters, just an extremely small blip on the radar, yet you take this to heart and you care so much about what Sony fans think.

Do yourself a favor and go outside.

Isaac4083d ago

"NO ONE CARES", huh? Yet you seem to be on some sort of moral crusade against none other than "THE SONY FANS, THEY ARE ALL HYPOCRITES". Even though "no one cares", lmao.

Follow your own advice.

TheTruth20094083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

And Flipmode and Issac have been infected with it.

Sony-itis: "This condition is for the Sony posters on this site that pay absolutely no attention to the subject matter of the poster that they're replying to. This reasoning is due to them not having an answer to the question or a quick enough comeback that warrants attention. It's typical Sony PS3 Lover behavior. The poster must have a good point, I can't answer the question, therefore, I'll insult him!"

Symptoms include:
Reading the post.
Ignoring all evidence before them.
Creating a diversion.
Attacking the messenger.
Pumping up Sony Console.
Waiting for applause for fellow Sony Lovers.
Claiming an empty victory!

Now let's try this again.

Read my post about Uncharted 2 not moving enough units for being the most commercialized, best reviewed game of the year. PS3 Fans didn't pick it up in droves. Why? I know my take on it. But I want yours. And that also goes for the other supposed AAA titles that Sony Fans have been screaming about all year. Where are they?

Ninja Gaiden Sigma?
Ratchet and Clank?
Demon's Souls?
Killzone 2?
MLB '09? (LOL)

I've seen better games at Hasbro.

(singing) "I smell a BUN-DLE coming!"

And remember... Stay on topic! :-)

CernaML4083d ago

Get a grip. N4G fanboys doesn't make up the entire PS3 install base. Sweet Jesus your posts are really sad. You take things way too seriously and you just joined. Do yourself a favor and repeat this in your head: It's just the internet. It's just the internet. It's just the f*cking internet.

TheBand1t4083d ago

Simply put, as amazing Uncharted 2 is (I firmly believe that 1 million sold in a little under a month is fantastic), the name itself is not recognized. And no, it isn't Sony's most important franchise. GT is.

Gran Turismo? Recognizable name.
Halo? Recognizable name.
Call of Duty? Recognizable name.
God of War? Recognizable name.

The point is, it's exceptionally rare for a new IP to do good.

On a side note, I think Uncharted 2 will sell better over Christmas. And you're in the open zone. Why are you expecting intelligent conversation?

....And if you're dying so badly for Naughty Dog's games, why haven't you gotten a PS3?

54percent4083d ago

IT'S NOT ON 360 <---- Deal with it BOTS

Saaking4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

The Truth, give it up bot. How come you never reply to me with proper response You just brush it off and call me a fanboy. Pathetic. UC2 sold incredibly well, and I'll ask you once again, name one game on the 360 other than Gears and Halo that can pull those numbers off.

GaMa854083d ago

You're like a broken RROD record seriously,why the fuk do you care so much about Uncharted 2 sales when you hate PS3?

M$ has made this generation of gamers a bunch of tools into believing every game must sell Halo numbers!That's not how it is, get over it,only certain games sell like crazy (GTA series,Halo,GT...)

You also like spinning the fact Sony out sold M$ only a month?! LOL yeah nice delusions....Wasn't the XDF screaming victory for last two years when 360 was beating PS3 monthly over a abysmal amount?Yeah those days are gone waaaah!!! Big old mean Sony outswelling my fwavirote cwonsole!! SOFTWARE SWALES ONLY MWATTER!!

Software=Sells hardware..... that's why software is their for and Sony greatly benefits over M$ in that department.M$ sells alot of software but their not gaining new users,hence Project Natal their trying to expand their brand.Sony has the upper hand over them, 100mil PS2 users waiting to upgrade and alot more will be coming this holiday ;)

TheTruth20094083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )

But let me give you a few figures that you probably weren't aware of:

Gears of War 1 - 6 million copies
Gears of War 2 - 5 million copies
Fable 1 - 3 million copies
Fable 2 - 3 million copies
Left 4 Dead (original) - 2.5 million copies
Forza 2 - 4 million copies
Mass Effect - 2 million copies

So you see, the new IP argument falls on deaf ears.
These were not only new IP's, they were released when XBOX360 had a much smaller fanbase. AND at the height of the RROD debacle.

Uncharted 2 - 1.5 million copies to date for the best reviewed game of this generation. A game with OVERWHELMING advertising. Hello? Why didn't it sell ODST-type numbers at least?

And I'll ask another question that I asked earlier...

Has anyone EVER seen anyone media coverage of a PS3-EXCLUSIVE title with hundreds of people in line at a HUGE launch?

Uh... No.

Need I say more?

PS3 owners don't care about games. They care about movies. That's it.

And to Saaking:
You don't have any substance in your posts. It's the same pathetic question over and over. See above for your answer. You have a touch of "Sony-itis" too. You refuse to answer the tough questions.

"UC2 sold incredibly well."

That's it?


Keep taking my bubbles. But I'll just come back with a new name. I want answers. You Sony Fans are SO hypocritical.

And THE TRUTH shall set you free.

Isaac4083d ago

Just give him sales numbers for all Sony exclusives and Microsoft exclusives or whatever, maybe then he'll stop moaning.

TheBand1t4083d ago

Yea, let's run down that list of IPs...

Gears 1 - What else was there to play in 2006 on the 360 that was quality? Not much else.
Gears 2 - Fans of the original buying the sequel. No surprise.

Fable and Forza are not new IPs. They were released on the original Xbox, a console that did not have many choices to begin with, so it's no surprise they sold how much they did.

Mass Effect - Was outsold by the first Uncharted, so I guess you'd call it a flop.

I'm a PS3 owner who has never bought, rented, or otherwise watched a Blu-ray movie. I currently have a collection of roughly 30-40 games.

Your own argument that PS3 owners buy only Blu-rays would have flown in 2006. Now it falls on my own deaf ears.

raztad4083d ago (Edited 4083d ago )


It's undeniable Gears did incredibly well for a new IP. It was touted as the "next-gen" game (2006) and xboxers got it massively while waiting for Halo. All the others in your list are in the regular lifetime figures of any PS3 game.

To name some, off the top of my head

R1 - 3.5m
MGS4 - 4.0+m
GT5P - 4.5m
UC1 - 2.5m (with a horrible first month)

I'm not sure (I dont feel like searching for you) about other exclusives, like LBP, KZ2, MotorStorm but for sure all of them are 2+m range, and obviously UC2 is off to a great start, it will sell fantastically lifetime, probably topping MGS4 numbers.

Regarding the quality, I've seen better games than your xbox exclusives in Hasbro. See what I did there?

wxer4083d ago


wow your so desperate

Flawza Motorputt 34083d ago

How bout you go write a f*cking book instead of wasting space and bandwidth because no one gives two sh*ts on what you think. I'm tired of scrolling down pages because of your butthurt wall of text.

Dutch Boogie4083d ago

Man will you just STFU! Please. Why you always spewing sh1t. Did the sony fans have a gangbang with your sister or something? Man you rat on alot. Just focus on your prefered piece of plastic and let the rest worry about their's.

Your obsession and fanboyism is above and beyond anyone on this site and i haven't even seen you around before. Contribute to the article or STFU! son.

LOLPSN4083d ago

Damn Truth

Stop Owning Droids they will CRY like a baby

Just remember

360 Community Head and Shoulders Above PS3

FLiPMoDe2284083d ago

Hey TheTruth2009, first off, nice job listing Fable 1 even tho that was last gen on xbox, not xbox 360. So your list had exclusive games that sold 2 million or more. Get a load of these:

Metal Gear Solid 4 - 4.3 million copies
Gran Turismo5 Prologue - 4 million copies
Motorstorm - 3.3 million copies
Resistance - 3.2 million copies
Uncharted - 2.6 million copies
LittleBigPlanet - 2.5 million

So there are some ps3 exclusives that sold 2 million or more. Nice job ignoring facts, and also the ps3 is currently behind 6 million in console sales and was even further behind in sales when many of these games released.

FLiPMoDe2284083d ago


Another thing your blind fanboyism causes you not to see, is ps3 game sales are spread across many games and many different genres. There is more variety on ps3.
Name one game like LittleBigPlanet that is on xbox360, go ahead I'll wait...... Not only do you not have any platformers on xbox360 (except that average Kameo game that came out 4 yrs ago at launch), there exists no game like LBP where you can create and share levels for FREE, pretty much endless replay value(Microsoft would never even allow something like that).
And then there is the Ratchet and Clank games which are action platformers, and then there is the Uncharted series which covers action, platforming and shooting - nothing like that on xbox360 either. Or how about Warhawk? Flying combat, vehicle combat and 3rd person combat on foot - such variety.

On ps3 there is more variety and, especially this year, more games to choose from so those sales are being spread out over more games and more variety of games.
As jigsaw would say... "GAME OVER!"

lh_swe4083d ago

LBP- 2.5 mill

MGS4- 5 mill

Motorstorm 3.5 mill

Uncharted Drake's Fortune 2.6 mill

Uncharted 2 closing in on 1.5

Killzone 2 over 2 mill

Resistance 2 1.7 mill

Heavenly Sword over 1 mill

Infamous 1 mill

Resitance FoM 3.6 mill

Gran Turismo 5 prologue 3.2 mill

I can do it too genius, so I fail to see how PS3 games don't sell when clearly most of those match the numbers you wrote except for Gears 1 + 2 and Halo 3 of course.

FLiPMoDe2284082d ago (Edited 4082d ago )

Exactly right, I posted similar sales numbers.

TheTruth2009, we all have posted sales numbers for ps3 games very similar to the ones you posted for xbox360. And ontop of that ps3 has less consoles sold than 360 and 360 had an even bigger lead when a lot of these games were released.

As for those high Halo3 and Gears 1 and 2 sales, well those games are shooters. The xbox360 fanbase has been known to be geared towards shooters. Since most of the 360 fanbase is in America, this is no surprise since shooters are geared more towards western gamers. And given the lead 360 had in America when these shooters released, their sales come at no surprise.

Now go away, multiple users on here have shut you down. OWNED

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LordMarius4083d ago

TheTruth is one sad bot, now thats The Truth

kissmeimgreek4083d ago

He acknowledges the masterpiece that is UC2 and is just angry that not enough people bought it. How does that make him a bot? nowhere in his post did he say he even owned an xbox. for all you know he could be a disgruntrled ps3 ownr simply speaking his mind (against sony fanboys).

This is why i hate sony fanboys. They assume that everyone not a playstation fan is a "xbot"

LordMarius4083d ago

idiot, go read the rest of his comments and then come back

DatBoiDrew4083d ago

He's telling Naughty Dog to jump ship (to the 360 obviously)... in my eyes, that makes him a bot.

I do wish that U2 was able to sell a lot more. I bought it day one! I'm tired of the same style games selling over and over. FPS! I can't believe people aren't tired of these games by now.

*Turns on COD:MW2 for PS3* ... Damn, I'm a hypocrite