New security system uses Wii technology and worries GOP

Several Republican lawmakers are worried about the privacy issues of a screening technology being developed by the government that combines a video game balancing device with thermal, ocular, respiratory, and cardiac monitors.

The technology is being developed by the Homeland Security department (DHS) and if approved could be used to spot potentially threatening people at airports, sports games, and border crossing areas.

The $20 million trial program called Future Attribute Screening Technology (FAST) combines an eye-tracking device that gauges abnormal pupil sizes; a laser radar that reads the person's heart and respiration rate; and a thermal camera that can pick up changes in skin's temperature, all while the person stands on a Nintendo Wii Fit balance board.

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SpoonyRedMage3674d ago

It only does.... wait, wrong piece of hardware!

BLuKhaos3674d ago

I don't know whether to laugh or frown at this situation....:(.

HolyOrangeCows3674d ago

Now the airports can waste our time stopping anyone with an abnormal temperature.

You have a fever? TERRORIST!!

Nihilism3674d ago

just be sure to be well rested also, having dark rings around your eyes means that your a meth user,

*amendment #7001 to the patriot act- anyone that looks tired or anxious or depressed will immediately be detained for an indefinite period of time under suspicion of terrorism*


go watch the endgame movie, new world order is almost here

whothedog3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Alright, terrorists can now get in a game of Wii Fit before they proceed with their mission. After you stand on the Wii fit next you have to beat the security guard in Mario Kart to get on the plane, only terrorists lose.

In all seriousness, I thought you need bare feet for it to work... and how does it detect eye pupils if your standing on it(I thought about it probably a attachment of some sort, I wasn't thinking). People at airports are going to look silly.

Redgehammer3674d ago

another well intentioned piece of technology that can be used to virtually and discreetly track and categorize the citizenry of my beloved country. Civil libertarians get your attorneys ready just in case The Googlement is watching.

Leave it to a government to find a hardcore use for the Wii.

Nihilism3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Unfortunately lawyers cannot do anything to protect you from the 'anti-terrorism measures' that are being put in place. Patriot act is a lovely scheme they use to give people ( possibly innocent....who is to say, they never had a trial) a one way ticket to Guantanamo Bay. They can hold you for as long as they like, you get no lawyer, no witnesses, and they put in jail without a trial for years.

But people wonder why it should be closed down...

A terrorist is only a terrorist when they have had enough evidence to convict them gathered...the people that have been put away...have not.

"the patriot act also enables them to kill "

No it doesn't. That is why guantanamo exists, do you think they would waste tax payer dollars keeping 'terrorists' alive if they were able to kill them. America is so right wing that they would absolutely give the death penalty to every single one of them the second they were brought in. It isn't a gaol where they are awaiting a trial, they are locked away for life, detained under a guise of 'questioning' and never released, there would be even more of an uproar than there is now is people that had not been convicted were being executed. You do realise there are U.S citizens in guantanamo also?

I saw a case not so long ago, a 16 year old was taken from his family under suspicion of terrorism and was kept for more than 6 months, he never got to see a lawyer or anything, I don't know what happened i the end, but it's everyone at risk of being exploited by the system.


the patriot act also enables them to kill

Theoneneo813674d ago

The Party of No aka. GOP wants to worry bout lil stuff like this instead of focusing on real conserns like Health Care reforms great job its amazes me how much repulicans worry to much about lil stupid stuff like this.

Taco_Waffle3674d ago

Before you do any more political bashing you should brush up on your grammar and spelling skills.


dude you know nothing, heath care passes we become slaves, theres no such thing as reps or dems, just the illusion to help u sleep at night that one is evil and one is trying to help you, you need to do some research my friend.

Nihilism3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Put the til foil hat away, every other capitalist first world country has national health care, America has third world standards of health.
Theoneneo81 is right, the republicans are too busy complaining about their 'rights' to worry about the more important things, like national health care and eliminating the national debt. Americans can't live without war. Rednecks the lot of you. People are still too stupid to understand what the 'freedom of speech' right means, it means the government cannot put in place laws to limit your ability to discuss certain topics, it doesn't mean people can defame anyone or be racist and not suffer the law. Republicans also welcomed the patriot act, the biggest mockery of the constitution that ever was.

"theres no such thing as reps or dems, just the illusion to help u sleep at night that one is evil and one is trying to help you"

I completely agree with this however


yea theres a reason were all retarded over here, they dont want us to know anything and lol im not the that tin foil kind of person, i live my own life im not a coward, when sh1t happens im fighting and you better join, but also you wont be saying that once that cute little RFID chip is implanted in you now would you, they put it in everything else and were next, i dont care if dont believe me, i said whats happening, now its up to you to do some research. its there and its happening

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