Innovating problems: why DJ Hero flopped

DJ Hero enjoyed strong buzz, positive reviews, and came attached with some of the biggest names in music. In terms of sales, however, the game is dying an ugly death at retail. Ars Technica explores the challenges the game faces, and why it's unlikely things are going to turn around.

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Saaking3679d ago

It's too damn expensive.

madpuppy3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

and on top of that more plastic garbage cluttering up the game room.

freddy993679d ago

but there is a limit to how many periperals ppl want, and have room for. Maybee i would be interested if i had my own gamingroom:)

Kyur4ThePain3679d ago

Too expensive
Buttons should not be on the turntable
Make the stand part of the package

But from the bit of dabbling I've done at my local Best Buy I do like the music a lot.

badkolo3679d ago

this is my dream come true, i mean I feel bad and all but this is fantastic news all around, WHY? becuase in 1 month or so we will be able to pick this up for 50 bucks with the turntable and then im in, i seen it in action and it is pretty well done all around, at 50 bucks im jumping all over this thing but not until then and by the looks of it, we will have this for cheap sooner rather then later.

but i do feel bad for the devs etc...

Skynetone3679d ago

ive seen the ads, but what the hell is dj hero about, can you scratch, can you create your own songs, can you mix songs together

from what ive seen in the ads your a dj loser then a dj hero

Morbius4203679d ago

I use MixMiester and some versions are a lot cheaper tham DJ Hero + it's way more rewarding mixing your own music and you have unlimited tracks to choose from...not just 96 plus future downloads but since sakes are an epic fail I don't see much support here.