PSP Go Makes UMDs Relevant

Gameztraffic writes: "It's a hard fact that new technology tends to make previous incantations obsolete, it's just the nature of things, it's the reason we don't have record players or cycle to work on a Penny Farthing. New technology is meant to replace older technology, making it obsolete. It's a Shame that Sony's PSP Go will do the exact opposite. Or perhaps it's not a shame at all and that at long last gamers will see the value of the original PSP."

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Nihilism3676d ago

Physical media all the way baby

ThanatosDMC3676d ago

People wont complain as much after it gets hacked and the community's getting close.

Assassin's Creed on PSP was horrible... i still felt godly with just counter killing.

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Darkestbeforedawn3676d ago

PS3 games and movies on discs, but for a handheld, it's nice not having to drag around a bunch of little discs or cartridges.

Feral Gamer3676d ago

Then only bring a couple games.

ozps33676d ago

this articles should go and make itself relevant

Nihilism3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I could fill a car from floor to ceiling with all my games,dvd's and cd's....that isn't a reason why digital distribution/streaming video and itunes are better though, they are all inferior to physical media, you better hope sony and itunes etc don't mysteriously lose record of your digital purchases...lest your DRM infected games and music become one use items that can never download again

With my DS i put a few games in it's case....not that big a deal, i don't take 500 cd's with me when i want to listen to music in the car

Darkestbeforedawn3675d ago

PSP Go, iPod, or BlackBerry. It might be the "in" thing to hate on DD right now, and you can go ahead and fight the man all you want, but in the end DD is perfect for handhelds and eventually you will have to confront that reality. I don't need to carry around a bulky case with my PSP Go. I love having all of my games already in the console and resting in my pocket. I also love having my iPod and 3000+ songs to choose from at my fingertips in my car instead of having a CD case taking up floor space and having to take the time to switch discs and go through them all while driving.

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farhsa20083676d ago

i love my psp 3000, no way would i swap it for a psp go

freddy993676d ago

and a 16gb memorycard, for less than the psp go sells for in norway:)
considering the psn store over here, i just wouldn trust all good games to be on the store.

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