Silent Hill 2 Movie Start Date

IGN: "The show must go on. Never mind that screenwriter Roger Avary is in jail for a 2008 car crash that killed someone -- the Pulp Fiction writer's sequel to the videogame movie Silent Hill is apparently still on track.

The makeup designer from the original film, Paul Jones, revealed this weekend that the storyboards for Silent Hill 2 have already been started and that it's looking to be a "pretty crazy" project with loads of cool stuff.

According to Jones, the hope is to get the film going in 2010 -- at which point Avary should be out of the slammer."

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Whut3672d ago

good news. SH 1 movie was Good.

DrRobotnik3672d ago

The way the first movie ended, it kinda opened it up to how the second game started. It might be different character names, but the story still will be similar to SH2.Hopefully pyramid head has a bigger role in this one. And the creepy mannequins.

Nihilism3671d ago

that's awesome news, the first one is on of the only 'scary' movies I watched that wasn't cheesy as ****. The freaky stuff also wasn't based on string instruments and people jumping out all of a sudden...

Hellsvacancy3671d ago

Yeah i liked the 1st 1 (kinda) would of been better if Sean Bean was in the main role

Reibooi3671d ago

The first movie was good and only a few things held it back from being great. Namely the fact that it focused on the mother and not the father. No real reason for that at all.

I read awhile ago that the reason they put the mother in the main role was because in the original game Harry's instincts to find his daughter are more maternal then they are fatherly so they thought it would work better with a female lead instead of a male lead. However the reality is that all that did was create other plot problem(Namely what happens to Cybel by the end of the movie)

Either way if they play their cards right the 2nd movie certainly has a chance of being great.

ReservoirDog3163671d ago

Let's not lie here. SH 1 was a terrible movie. The only, only good video game movie is Hitman and that's cause they made the main character interesting.

And Roger Avery is the co-writer of Pulp Fiction. And the only part that he actually wrote ("The Watch" for those informed) kinda sucked. Without that piece, it would've been a flawless movie.

By the way, I love Quentin Tarantino movies.

STONEY43670d ago

"Let's not lie here. SH 1 was a terrible movie. The only, only good video game movie is Hitman and that's cause they made the main character interesting."

I thought Hitman was awful and SH was good.

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farhsa20083672d ago

silent hill was one of the best adaptions from video games so far, am looking forward to number 2

hatchimatchi3671d ago

cool, the movie was far from perfect but it is definitely the best game to film adaption out there. Looks great on blu ray too.

condorstrike3671d ago

pisses me off how underrated the first movie was.

hopefully the keep the art style.

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The story is too old to be commented.