Tony Hawk RIDE Follow Up Already Happening?

BeefJack writes: "Looks as if the guys at Robomodo who are behind the upcoming Tony Hawk RIDE are already looking towards a possible follow up. Around 15 jobs have been advertised for work on an unnamed "extreme sports title". While it could obviously be anything at the moment, given Activision's love of yearly franchises like Call Of Duty and Guitar Hero, we could well see a follow up this time next year."

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reintype3680d ago

IMO they should go back to the drawing board, because based on my impression of the game, I don't think a peripheral based Tony Hawk is going to sell well. But then again, I've never bought any Tony Hawk, so my perception maybe skewed against it.

RockmanII73680d ago

Really? The Pro Skater games were great. I'm still waiting for Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5...

vhero3679d ago

its gonna fail like DJ hero Activision really should look at initial sales before making a sequel

Cyrus3653680d ago

Activision realizes the are bigger profits margins when you add a peripheral to the game. It's why almost all their big franchise have one, i'm surprised they somehow haven't made MW game with a gun or something.

RockmanII73680d ago

Night vision goggles don't count?

n4gn4gn4gn4g3680d ago

that the board would be used for multiple titles ...

Speaking to at E3 earlier this month, Robomodo president Joshua Tsui revealed that the skateboard peripheral to be released alongside Tony Hawk Ride should be seen as its own platform, with many more games planned to utilise the device.

"It's really important to us that when people buy this package that they understand that, right now we're concentrating on Tony Hawk Ride, but we want to make sure that people have a good return on their investment so there are many games that are planned for this peripheral," said Tsui.

He added: "We look at it less as a peripheral, as more of a platform. The obvious ones are snowboarding and surfing and such, but there are a lot of games that can be used with this board, and we're really excited to start working on those."

mrwiggles3680d ago

Great, Time for some SkaterHero and the Party.

Or would that be HawkHero ?

Halfofme3680d ago

Until they get Papa Roach back on the soundtrack it'll never be as good as it once was.