Gamespot Borderlands DLC preview, over 50 new missions

If you didn't get enough of the loot-and-shoot gameplay of Borderlands, 2K Games is gearing up for the game's first downloadable content release, which will be called "The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned." The content is a full-on playable adventure that takes place concurrently with the original game's story and can be played whether you've completed the game or not, and like with the original game, it will scale the difficulty of its critters to your character's level.

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godcrusher4334d ago

I was on the fence about buying Borderlands but not anymore. I am always looking for a game that has fun co-op or split screen. It just amazes me that there are so few games that offer split screen this gen. Back on topic, killing zombies is always fun but then looting their body for guns is icing on the cake.