PS3 cutting into 360 market share, not expanding HD market

The NPD Group just released the latest sales data for October and as expected, PS3 sales are down from September. The big shocker here is that, instead of expanding the potential market for HD consoles, it looks like it's just eating away at the 360's market share.

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dinsurya4081d ago

Sony is making all the right moves.

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Anon19744081d ago

I'm sure we'll see the PS3 expand more into the HD market then. Right now, for purchases like this people have Christmas on the brain. I'm sure plenty a happy husband will find a PS3 under the tree this Christmas.

CrazedFiend4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Selling PS3 to Xbox fans and changing their attitudes about the Playstation brand. How is that not what they were aiming to do? The only one actually doing any real expanding is Nintendo and that's because they knew they couldn't compete with MS and Sony in the market the way that it was.

Sony and MS both make consoles that sell to gamers. That includes AND is predominantly made up of gamers that own other systems (including Nintendo's expanded market).

Let Nintendo worry about the expanding. I think MS and Sony should just stick to growing their own system's markets regardless of were it's coming from. Let MS bring in people new to Xbox360 and Sony bring in people new to PS3, and let's just be happy for everyone.

Saaking4081d ago

Ps3 will catch up by next year

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IdleLeeSiuLung4081d ago


If neither of Sony or MS is able to expand the market, we will start seeing significantly less investment into games. This will affect every gamer wetter you are casual, hardcore or something in between.

Sony just trying to eat of MS plate isn't serving them too well and likewise, MS has realized this and going after the casual market. Despite the hardcore gamers rejection, this is a good thing for the entire industry including the hardcore gamers!!!

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Young Capwn4081d ago

Acutally it is inevitable to say that the sales for ps3 would fall after a HUGE boost in sales after the price drop, its common sence. The price dropped EVERYONE ran out to get one and now the sales are slower, but guess what? PS3 is STILL beating 360 every month!

So yes, it has picked up steam! ANd lackluster exclusives? Excuse me? one console had lackluster exclusives, and it wasnt the PS3!

rockleex4081d ago

I think the 360 needs ANOTHER price cut.

A 360 Elite for $199. >:D

ultimolu4081d ago

Sony taking names and kicking ass.

badz1494081d ago

"the software exclusive releases this year were very lackluster."

ahahaha....that's funny! try opening that fanboy's goggle for a minute and you'll see only 1 console is lacking exclusive this year!

hint: not PS3 or Wii

Marceles4081d ago

"PS3 cutting into 360 market share, not expanding HD market"

I'd say it's doing both, the Wii and 360 sure aren't expanding the HD market.

kaveti66164081d ago

This news is bittersweet. I like that Sony is taking marketshare, but by not expanding the HD market, it means they're not appealing to any new consumers, whereas the Wii brought in a boatload of casual gamers. I don't want the HD market to shrink and give way to casuals.

Sitdown4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Perhaps you should take your own advice; clearly the post did not say anything about lacking exclusives....they said "lackluster"...two different things. Ummm, and when do you open goggles...I thought you take them off.....but I could be wrong. But anyhoo, in trying to call somebody else out, you clearly exposed your inner "fanboy".

But anyway...concerning the article, key words" "looks like" AKA we are speculating. Its possible that there is no correlation between these numbers, as there is no detailed factual evidence to support these claims...I mean, isn't the 360 still selling more month over month from last year?

Christopher4081d ago

How is HD market not expanding if a) HD TV sales are through the roof and b) Blu-ray sales are through the roof?

badz1494081d ago

ok, let see;

Main Entry: lackluster
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: dull, lifeless
blah*, blind, boring, colorless, dark, dead, dim, drab, draggy, dry, flat*, ho-hum, laid-back*, leaden, lusterless, matte, muted, nothing*, obscure, pabulum, prosaic, sombre, unimaginative, uninspired, vanilla, vapid, zero*

bright, enthusiastic, lively, shining, shiny, spirited

source: http://thesaurus.reference....

ok, I'll pick these words: boring, dead, dry, nothing, unimaginative, uninspired, zero - you're right, he's wronger than I thought he was!

from the antonyms part, I think most of PS3 exclusives this year would want to have a word with you!

leeger4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

this november the 360 will outsell again the PS3 in NA, but wordlwide the PS3 will still be on top of the 360.

JL4080d ago

Wait. So the PS3 is selling more, but it's not expanding the HD market? Does nobody else see the complete lack of logic in that statement? I mean I can get the concept that the PS3 is now over 50% of the hd console sales as opposed to a much smaller percentage before. But how does that mean the hd market isn't expanding? Expansion means growth. Call me crazy but the way I see it is that ANY PS3 or 360 being sold is an expansion of the HD market because it makes the hd-console's consumer base even bigger. Do people even think?

Danja4080d ago

This article FAILS miserably in order for the PS3 to "Expand" the HD market must it not first eat into the 360 lead ?? Then after surpassing the 360 continue to expand the HD market ??

Simple logics you first have to pass the the person infront of you then expand your lead ...

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Sitdown4080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

Haha...nice try. You can quote the dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia and everything else…but it still does not change the fact that you quickly jumped on sub4dis and called him a fanboy because you were blinded by your own inner fanboy. Sub4dis did not discriminate, but was stating across the board that the exclusives have been lackluster…now we are not sure if they were talking about sales and/or in the actual quality of exclusive titles released…but again, the statement does now show bias toward any console. Now what your "fanboy goggles" did was interpret sub4dis as saying that the consoles were lacking exclusives this year…as in quantity...and took at as if they were downplaying the ps3 or wii. The fact is, he spoke in general terms concerning gaming, and you turned it into an attack on the 360…...To me, it would appear that you are the one with the "fanboy goggles" on, because you can't accept the idea that somebody might not have been pleased with the sales and/or the quality of exclusives this year. Why is it that if somebody goes against the popular opinion they have to be a fanboy?

vhero4080d ago

Hmm even with the 8 price cuts since launch I think MS are bricking it now.

Syronicus4080d ago

They praised the 360 for years when they were selling more than the twice as high priced PS3 and now that the PS3 is decimating the 360 worldwide the media has to find some negative point to spin. They just can't keep the PS3 down and they try so hard it makes them all look so bad. Poor journalists, can't seem to fall in love with the PS3 yet... Maybe soon. No matter, the PS3 is beast and their crack journalism won't keep it down.

Sitdown4080d ago

Even without the 8 price cuts you said the 360 had, the ps3 has dropped its price tag just as much the 360...actually more, since the current price is $300 cheaper than the initial highest SKU.

Ju4080d ago

LOL, xJLx, you hit the nail on the head. At least one in here with some common sense.

As long there is one more HD console out there the next day than the day before, it expands :) Maybe sometimes the simple things in life are the real ones. Made my day.

Beast_Master4080d ago

I love how people say that Sony's sales are way down from Sept. but they always fail to mention that Sept was 5 weeks of data and Oct was 4. So the drop off was not exactly as far as people would like to think.

badz1494080d ago (Edited 4080d ago )

"and for the record, neither system had remarkable titles, but yes, sony did have the better exclusives...but they aren't great games...not by a long shot. if there were so remarkable, they wouldn't all be deserts now that MW2 is out."

come on! KZ2, inFAMOUS, Demon Souls, Uncharted 2, Fat Princess, MLB 09 The Show, Ratchet and Clank ACiT, and may I add GoW collections are all great games! if these aren't great, I don't even know what is! and are you seriously comparing these games with MW2?! - the most overrated crap this year? tsk tsk tsk so, Wii Sports/Wii fit are the best games this gen!

p/s: I didn't slam that disagree button of yours! (both of you)

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Godmars2904081d ago

MS was touting that the 360 was replacing the PS2's 140 million user base even though they're only at 30 million. Now that the PS3's finally picking up steam, the PS2's former market share is now the 360's which the PS3 is cutting into?


raztad4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

The article's analysis doesnt make sense. There is not such thing like a "xbox market" or it is very small in comparison to PS2's. So if anything most xbox1 owners are already on the xbox360, which led you conclude the PS3 current (and growing) userbase is mostly previous PS2 owners who are steadily migrating to the HD console.

This analysis make me think those guys consider that the xbox is the default platform for PS2 owners to migrate. I dont agree.

bullaaaa4081d ago

You are correct. The PS3 Slim relaunch numbers are comparable to PS2's launch. The PS2 users are already crawling back to PS3. I sure hope the author didn't expect the majority of 120 million PS2 users to go out and buy PS3 Slim as soon as the price cut was announced.

FrankFoxJaegar4081d ago

I think you guys are misinterpreting it. Analysts and publishers like THQ thought that PS2 owners would still be loyal to the PlayStation brand and now that the PS3 is a lower price, they expected them to convert in droves to PS3 owners, which isn't happening

darkequitus4081d ago

Logic states that the PS3 began cutting into market share the day it was release. I.e. 0% to 26%+ market share. The HD market will grow only when sales of PS3+360 > Wii+PS2

raztad4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )


How isnt happening? before the price cut/slim introduction PS3 sales were bellow 200K/month. Only in september more than 1+ m PS3 were sold WW, it seems to me something is actually happening. Octuber was another great month for the PS3, hell even the xbox sold well (in NA at least). In Japan the PS3 lead is clear, outselling the Wii steadily and the upcoming FFXIII is about to cement that.

I dont know exactly what numbers were those analyst expecting, 500K/month in NA alone? hardly, with this economy (and games costing $60 each) I dont expect such a massive migration of PS2 owners.

@Optical bellow

One more point. The bump is Wii sales after the price cut is evidence there is many people expecting consoles to reach $200 or less. See how the xbox sales were boosted up on Wallmart as a consequence of the 200 - 100 offer. The PS3 is affordable, and its sales show that, but still it is the most expensive console on the market.

I'm out. Gonna play some KZ2 online and UC2.

Optical_Matrix4081d ago

Raztad is right. You need to remember we are still not out of the economic downturn. ALL industries are suffering. PS2 gamers who still haven't moved to PS3 won't come in waves and waves because games + the console costs isn't cheap despite PS3 being affordable. Because, lets be honest, Affordable and Cheap are not the same thing.
It's at a mass market price now, but do you really think that every PS2 owners just has £220-£250 just laying around in their pockets? Nah.

Ju4081d ago

This article doesn't make sense. e.g. quote:

"This doesn't seem to be the case at all, as combined sales for the two are only up marginally year-over-year, and the Wii is still easily outselling the both of them. " (which, is, btw, not true).

In that context, I'd like to add, that the Wii almost lost 50% compared to last year (or close to that), which otho, means, in 2009 the HD market grew faster then the SD market, even if the HD sell through in 2009 compared to 2008 might have remained as is (relatively).

While it might be true, that the HD consoles did not gain significantly, and possibly the share between PS3 and 360 shifts, it clearly shows, people buy less SD consoles.

Godmars2904081d ago

The only thing that would prove that "the Wii saved the PS3" there has to be proof that "soccer moms" were into games before. But there's no real evidence of that. At all.

Meanwhile the two big things holding back PS2 owners from getting a PS3 was price and BC.

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bullaaaa4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

"Another important observation, though, is that the PS3's lowered price doesn't seem to be expanding the potential market for the HD platforms at all. It was assumed that the lowered price and PlayStation brand name might begin to tempt some PS2 holdouts over to the HD platforms. This doesn't seem to be the case at all, as combined sales for the two are only up marginally year-over-year, and the Wii is still easily outselling the both of them."

What the hell, PS3 and 360 combined sales are up only "marginally"? Did he forget the near half million sell through in September and 320K in october for PS3? Its not a good idea to lump PS3's sales with 360 and comment on lower turnout. PS3 salesare significantly better than last year's sales, not marginally. By today's date, PS3 should have close to 1 million sold (in a matter of 2-3 months), which is very significant. Also, the way we could know if those 1 million new PS3 users are part of Sony's expanding HD marketshare (not from 360 camp) is to ask them if they own 360.

Besides, lets wait till after December before we bust out our Excel spreadsheets, shall we?

gauntletpython4081d ago

The point is, the Wii is still selling like gangbusters and people aren't hopping on the HD bandwagon like some thought they would with the lower prices of the HD consoles.

Bumpmapping4081d ago

2010 will be the final nail in the coffin for Heaterbox360.

The Killer4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

eating 360.

anyway thats the bot way to make them sleep better at night, they just cant admit that the old ps3 days is over and the current ps3 is doing good as the ps2 did.

YLOD Service Tech4081d ago (Edited 4081d ago )

Hmmm.... how much times do we need to hear that same old BS saying. Final nail in the coffin? Bwahahaha. No amount of nails is going to bring the piece of sh#t console you call PS3 to 2nd place. It will stay in "turd" place this whole generation. Sorry droids.

cyborg69714081d ago

You get to hear it until it happens and it will. What always gets me is xbots are so oblivious to the truth and facts that are so blantent. For example the ps3 is a superior machine in every way. When you bots accept that truism your life will be in balance. T


Sir Ken_Kutaragi4081d ago

Oct 09 NPD Numbers -

PlayStation 3 320.6K

Xbox 360 249.7K