Amazon: $20 Off $80 Promo Live

"Amazon Offers $20 Off $80 Video Game Purchase!

Spend $80 on select Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 titles, and receive $20 off your purchase."

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DrWan3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

no different than the link i provided for 30 dollar Killzone 2 special (which failed to be approve bc it was direct link, if it was link to a garbage blog, it would have been approved). Double standard, the only difference is this is providing hits for a site that makes money from users instead of giving a direct easy access to the site of intent. Extra silly step, and yet on the other hand it is ok for ppl like HHG get on N4g and spew out FUD. This site needs to do what benefits gamers, and providing direct link to sales benefits gamers more than anything else. Not link to some 3rd party blog site and then link to the retailer site.

Arsenic133680d ago

Too bad Assassins Creed 2's SE isnt on Amazon. I was just about to get it.