Bethesda Pays Attention To What's "Around The Web"

Bethesda paying close attention to what's going on around the web, so gamers don't think you're not being heard.

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LtSkittles3682d ago

If Bethesda read what was around the web Fallout 3 wouldn't be a buggy game, and they would patch it. I had no issues playing through the original game, and probably only had one, or two freezes, and then the dlc came out. I was happy, I played through Broken Steel, and had more than one freeze, and that was ok until I got to Adam's Air Force Base, and the part with the orbital strike. I left the walker onto the roof of it, and the sound files weren't synced, and I didn't hear anything. The rest of the dlc(excluding MZ,because I haven't played that one) was buggy as hell. Last I heard they were working on a patch for the Goty one. Why, we leave us who have the original game out in the cold?

P.S. I play PS3, so I don't know about the other two

wxer3681d ago

Bethesda if you're reading this
just fix fallout3
its buggy as hell

ive finished the main story
im now on that mission were you got to use that enclave controlled deathclaw

the game freezes everytime i try to play that mission
i got fallout3 game of the year disk
on the PS3
and i got a follwer called weleks or something
that super mutant

PLZ patch it or something
ive stopped playing it
i really dont want to but i cant go on with that game

hobokiller3681d ago

If there is a God, please let there be The Elders Scrolls V.

Young Capwn3681d ago

Yeah i had the original then traded it a few weeks befor the GOTY edition, didnt have too many problems at all.

Then i got the GOTY edition and couldnt play 5 minutes witout haveing to restart my ps3.

rtonaey3682d ago

But there's so much one studio can do. They do try to help their base

Elven63682d ago

This isn't a new thing for Bethesda, this is something they do since the beginning. Even back in the Xbox/PS2 days when patching console games wasn't a problem they still released super buggy games. Now that you can patch games on consoles they have no reason to change.

NecrumSlavery3682d ago

The only buggy DLC I found on PS3 was freezing in OpAnc & portals not activating in MZ. The rest and game were just as it is on 360/PC

Fade_Walker3681d ago

Ok Bethesda read this!

Fix Fallout 3 and the DLC.

Show us Fallout: New Vegas

Stop suing Interplay and let them develop the Fallout MMO. Also, IF you only have the rights to develop so many Fallout games then do it and get it over with!

Finally, get to work on Elder Scrolls V!

To harsh?

Tex1173681d ago

I am curious to see what these guys come up with for the next Fallout 4 (Not New Vegas) and Elder Scrolls.

It is time for another huge jump in innovation for the genere.

More bugs, dumpdy side quests and dialog that sucks in your time, but makes no real difference in the game except for a few choice dialogs are over.

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