Virgins AWOMO service will make PS3 Home look prehistoric

The boss of Virgin's new digital download site A World Of My Own (AWOMO) believes that the venture can outclass Sony's much-lauded PS3 Home project. Users were invited to register for the Beta of the site this week.

And now AWOMO?creator Games Domain International has told MCV that the download speed of the site will put next-gen consoles to shame – and that it can reach half a million subscribers this year.

"We have had a few emails from people who have already registered and are impressed that we seem to have pulled off a 'me too' model of PS3 Home for PC. But they will have to wait and see how good this will get. In terms of download speed, Home is very much what we have got used to in the 21st Century. AWOMO will make that look prehistoric."

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nice_cuppa4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

ps3 has home made by sony.
pc has awomo made by virgin.

i would put it on 360 too if i were a virgin.

my opinion.

Fisher3394744d ago

where did u see that it was on ps3. all i saw was pc

gta_cb4744d ago

yeh deffinatly a price cut please, but like he Fisher339 said, where did you get its comming to PS3?

"We have had a few emails from people who have already registered and are impressed that we seem to have pulled off a ‘me too’ model of PS3 Home for PC."

this is comparing what they have made so far compared to home for PS3. there isnt anything i can find which makes me think this is coming to PS3

nice_cuppa4744d ago

so whats up with that ?


flipflop4744d ago

This site has the most retarded gamers in the world in one place. You people always get everything wrong because you dont know sh!t. This is not a game you retard, and yes you can walk around and join PC games from this world just the the Gaystation home. IT IS A GAME NETWORK DUMBASSES

gta_cb4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

well i saw his post then re read yours and saw

"i would put it on 360 too if i were a virgin."

so i guess i just presumed, no biggy wasnt just saying it, i thought you must have miss read the article as normally when people edit there comments the do this [EDIT] then write more, sorry


@ flipflop

if you dont like it then dont come here.

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dodgefate4744d ago

wow, sony is making home lets try to out do it an make an RPG an call it a friend to friend service.

THE_JUDGE4744d ago

Who cares and why is this news? I'm sure that you can't instantly jump into a multiplayer game from this virgin's AWOMO. Stop comparing things that aren't even available to the public yet!

gta_cb4744d ago

your having a laugh right?!

hahaha since when has there not been news about comparing stuff which isnt even available yet? yet, there is always comparisons on games which arnt even same style art, same gameplay etc so yeh dont expect it to stop.

Bhai4744d ago

HOME is a community service that's all. Its a game-service, not a game
in itself. Yes you can play a great number of arcade games, snooker
and maybe bowling it there but its just not about competition. So,
HOME's appeal just can not be denied as a full-on "next-gen online"

HOME's edge will be Sony's great influence on market and their
inter-relations with all the movie studios and game-devs. This means
exclusive and unbreakable chain of content supply. I don't see Virgin
getting all that support and attenion. Virgin's world might kill
second-life but HOME is an integration and extention of PS3 itself !!!

ps3gogetitt4744d ago

So don't be so quick to count them out, the bad part for sony competing with this new IP is anyone who was planning to get a ps3 just for the community aspect of it will consider this over the ps3 especially if virgins hype machine go full force

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The story is too old to be commented.