Insomniac PS3 Only Now A Thing Of The Past? HipHopGamerShow 11/15/09

1. Xbox Live To Receive FF7 And 8
2. Facebook Features On PSN Almost A Done Deal
3. Capcom Guest Stars On The Show
4. Game Review – Modern Warfare 2 (10 out of 10) Must Play This Game
5. Live In Def Jam Studio – HipHopGamer & Luciano Behind The Scenes Recording "Death Of The Industry"

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Jamegohanssj53678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I love how you interpreted Insomniac's statements.
Almost a done deal? It's been confirmed.


MURKERR3678d ago


Simon_Brezhnev3678d ago

once again he knows how to draw attention

lociefer3678d ago

omg hhg just fckin stop, ppl plz do not approve this filth on n4g, do not even give him hits, not even the play button

deadreckoning6663678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

WOW, his anti-gay comments, now this! Idk about you guys, but I'm not giving him anymore heat. HHG, I was a fan, but last week's Warzone made it obvious that you have something BIG against gays. Also, u need better titles. If you ever do make it on television, I wish you the best. Just stop with the flaimebait REAL news and talk about how you feel about it. Stop with these questions and "WHAT-IF" scenarios!

3678d ago
Rumor3678d ago

if u see a headline like this and numbered facts on what the vid is about, and u guys should already know what the video player looks like, then one must be smart enough to know its the HHGS. now its funny to me how u guys hate him sooooooooo much, and his show still gets approved on this site, and he has 140 heat already.

buncha fukn hypocrites....


Cold 20003678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

on Live ?

Maybe thats that "something special" MS has prepared for FF13 twitter thing.

But since its HH gamer...hmmm...probably not even close to reality.

Oh yeah and BTW its funny you all hate HHgamer but contribute to making him a succes everytime u come in here to complain about him lol.

umair_s513678d ago

Ahh the HipHopGamerShow!

Kain813678d ago


3678d ago
bruiser813678d ago

I could be wrong but i always thought sony published FF7 or at least owned it. I think he could have used a better picture for the title, we all know sony owns resistance and r&c. If insomniac did go muti they would have to create new IP's to do so

3678d ago
Hellsvacancy3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Wots up wid u bunch of losers? u go on how much u hate the hiphopgamershow but yet u still feel the need 2 comment on how u hate them EVERY-week

3678d ago
ico923678d ago

here comes the flame...

reintype3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

No need to ban him. Banning him would start the ball rolling. If we ban HHG, then other sites who does this, needs to go too, no need to single out HHG.

Personally I have only clicked on his site once, just to get a feel, sadly it's not for me. Hip Hop just never clicked with me, no offense to him but I'm into metal, that's why EPIC BATTLE CRY it is for me.

TO HHG (If you're reading this):
I have nothing against you or your show HHG, a man's gotta make a living, and I do understand that. There's nothing wrong in making predictions or doing an editorial piece, but please take the time to do some research first before you go into your "PATENTED WILD SPECULATIONS", it makes you come out not only uninformed, but someone looking for some cheap HITS. Those things is what getting you the ire from both sides of the fanboy fence. We would not mind your "Flamebait Headlines" nor your "Inflammatory Articles", but only if you can actually back it up with conclusive evidence. Take this as a constructive criticism to improve your show and your Journalistic skills, good luck to you. PEACE!

3678d ago
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3678d ago
3678d ago
3678d ago
-GametimeUK-3678d ago

HHG is an amazing troll... amazing


Persistantthug3678d ago

I love it.

I love how you suckers eat it up EVERY SINGLE

Score another point for the underdog.

America's great.

Isaac3678d ago

So while this guy can get away with homophobic
comments, anyone that criticizes him is labelled
xenophobic. Even if true, does HHG deserve any better? I agree with Saaking, Hip Hop is trash.

Anyway, Sony owns publishing rights for FF7 in America, which happens to be the only territory where 360 is still relevant. Another good piece of research by the HHG /s

Saaking3678d ago

Sony owns the rights to R&C and Resistance and the they own the publishing rights to FF7 and 8. In other words, everything HHG claims is false and impossible.

lh_swe3678d ago

Insomniac may choose to work on 360 games in the future but Ratchet & Resistance are as Saaking said Sony property and I doubt that will change, new IP's? who knows, HHG I assure you definitely doesn't.

Persistantthug3678d ago

If FF7 and FF8 Do go to XBOX 360/XBOX LIVE as HHG has said,

are you going to give him credit for breaking this story first?

callahan093678d ago

@PersistentThug, If they did, I would, but they won't, so I won't.

Greywulf3678d ago

"Mark my words, bookmark this post or whetever and just wait. "


Isaac3678d ago

"are you going to give him credit for breaking this story first? "

OK, HHN is not breaking any stories because first of all he has no evidence, he is only claiming "hear say" but is this even true? He's probably lying anyway, unless he cites sources. Second, has he ever been right about anything? At least that way we would know he actually has sources. SEV has been right before, hell even gamesblow got a few right, which leads me to third, if you keep making predictions all the time, you are bound to get it right at least SOMETIME, so no, he doesn't deserve any credit at all even if this does happen. GUESSING is not worth any credit.

Persistantthug3678d ago

This whole generation, I've been watching these games and all the back biting and bickering between them...hell, I'm a PS3 owner and participate in it myself...what can I say, it's fun, kinda like FORD vs CHEVY arguments.

At anyrate, it occured to me that a large part of the reason we fight, is because we are jealous of what the "other team" has. How many of us Single console PS3'ers would have liked to play Gears Of War? How many of us would have appreciated Splinter Cell announced on all systems?

Likewise, how many XBOT's....sorry, force of habit *wink*...HOW many XBOX'ers would have loved to play MGS4? How many of them would give appendages to have GOD OF WAR 3?

So it hits me, if a company wants to make more money, and face it, both MS and Sony are greedy and want to make more money, WHY NOT put some of their games on the competing platform...not all, not even most, but some. Why wouldn't Sony put LBP on the Wii? Why not R&C collection on the Wii?
Why not MS put a Gear collection on the PS3?

Why not a Zelda collection on PSN and XBOX LIVE?

Since Sony makes money, Why NOT FF7 on the XBOX LIVE and Wii.

The only answer I could think of as to why it wouldn't is TRADITION. So you mean to tell me the only thing stopping these greedy companies from making more money, is TRADITION?

All I'm saying is, I'm not a rocket scientist, but if I can see the better KNOW that these big multinational, multibillion dollar companies have thought about it too.

reintype3678d ago

I know you are looking out for HHG, but you've got to admit that some of the things he claims are outlandish.

I get what you're saying concerning FF7 and FF8, if it does go to the 360, it wouldn't surprise me. This is SE we're talking about. One thing this gen has taught me, SE loves money more than anything, and their fans be damned.

But the ones concerning Insomniac, is utterly stupid. Like everyone is saying, both Ratchet and Resistance are IPs owned by SONY. If he is going to make a speculation concerning them, then say they are making a new IP or a Multi-Plat, then take it from there, back it up with good research or interview someone from Insomniac.

I may not be a journalist, but at least I know what you need to do and what you don't. I know he has a show and and his own website, but from the way I see it, he is not making any concerted effort to appear credible. He needs to think through everything first, makes sure he has all the facts straight, before he makes a bold assumption.

rockleex3678d ago

Wait, I gotta get rid of my question mark.

"HipHopGamer Now A Thing Of The Past"

There. ^_^

BattleAxe3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

People need to stop whining about HHG. You have to give him credit for turning his show into something big.

As far as Insomniac goes, I personally didn't care for resistance 2 and it wouldn't surprise me if they did go multi-plat. I don't think xbox gamers would like Resistance any more than PS3 gamers, but then again we are talking about people who play HALO ;)

I'm almost finished beating Crysis for the first time, and I can't wait for Crysis 2 for PS3. I tried some of the muliplayer on Crysis, and I'm not overly impressed, so in order to compete with MW2, Crytec needs to overhaul their multiplayer end. The Single Player campaign is fantastic though.

slayorofgods3678d ago

Wild speculation! HHG's shows are getting even more out of whack. Baseless and insane.

killersmoke3678d ago

I usually just ignore him and do not comment, thought I would give him another chance.
He just made me feel a little less intelligen every couple of seconds making me panic and cut it off the video half way through. I just hope that all the horrible english doesn't infect me like a zombie from L4D. His face lightens up after he says a half way intelligent word out under three or four studders.
Which he desides to use in the wrong context and then use it over and over and over and over and over, He thinks he is impressing you but really is making you feel like a idiot for watching the video.

What a joke.

Nihilism3678d ago

I click on the n4g article and say how I think HHG is full of ****

In no way does that contribute to the number of hits his site gets. If I clicked on the actual article it would.....luckily i'm not stupid enough to do that.

Writing that HHG is an idiot on n4g does not help his cause, people just need to read the title....that's all there is to a HHG article anyway.

Syronicus3677d ago

HipHopGamer: Punctuation a thing of the past?

+ Show (36) more repliesLast reply 3677d ago
Dead_Cell3678d ago

Until you actually stop reading inbetween the non-existant lines,you will -always- be that cheap unprofessional wannabe gaming journalist video blogger from his basement everybody takes you for.
Word to the wise,get with the program and start acting like a gaming-news reporter if you ever want to be successful in it.

Raf1k13678d ago

I think it would be easier to tell him not to quit his day job :)

El_Colombiano3678d ago

It should be against the rules to publish your own sites on N4G. This fool is straight spam. Imbecile.

Redempteur3678d ago

waste of time ...

The first line is impossible . (unless remake and it won't happen )

the rest ....*** /facepalm***

Genesis53678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Yeah I know the publishing rights for FF VII & VIII are owned by Sony.

The rest double face palm.

vhero3678d ago

exactly so sony would have to give permission for S-E to release FFVII and FFVIII on 360 and that aint EVER gonna happen I used to respect HHG when he first started out his video blog he had a good blog but hes gone off the wall.

Persistantthug3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

You said, "sony would have to give permission for S-E to release FFVII and FFVIII on 360 and that aint EVER gonna happen".

Why question to you is, Why?

If you can answer that question reasonably, I'll acknowledge it....But I really want to hear your take on..."Why".


Jager3678d ago

It's quite simpe thug, Sony owns the IP publishing rights to FF7 and FF8... SEVERAL have already stated this, yet you seem to have ignored them.

SE COULD release FF7 and FF8 for XBL in Japan, because SE published it there, but SE can NEVER release it in the USA, due to Sony owning the Publishing rights in that region for those games.

Redempteur3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Lol it's impossible because square soft doesn't plan to remake FF7 or 8

Everyone want a ff7 remake ..yet Square didn't do it .. they won't do it ... for now .... and the only things were FF7 can go 360 is if SE does a FF7 remake since the ps1 game is a sony product way i'll see a <ps1 emulator on 360

killersmoke3678d ago


You need to take some college classes and change the way u talk on your shows.
Have some one intelligent write what they come up with, not you, on a big poster board and flip through them. Some ideas to help your show not suck so bad.

Persistantthug3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

@Jager, I don't think you understood my question in context. When I ask "WHY", I already know FF7 is a Sony AND Square product with Sony having control over said product (not sure about FF8 though).
I already know about the "tradition" of first and/or second party games staying native to their respective "born" platforms/brands. But I'm looking for a more palatable response than just "BECAUSE ITS TRADITION"....and I'm still waiting for answer. Perhaps you can answer it now that you understand my question.

You're talking about a remake here, and I don't think HHG is talking about a remake...I'd have to watch the video again, but I'm sure he's talking about a RE-release onto XBOX LIVE, and I don't think it would be all that hard to do because in case you have forgotten, FF7 and FF8 are PC titles as well. So, same question....other than the answer of "its just tradition", WHY NOT FF7 on XBOX LIVE?

Since You're the first one to imply/accuse me of being HHG, my question to you: Out of curiosity, Why would you think that I was HipHopGamer?

I'll PM all of you so we can get some dialog on this matter, because I'm really curious on the "WHY" factor.

Redempteur3677d ago

Are you nuts ? you're thinking A PSONE game will be released on 360 ??

THINK !!! NOt gonna happen ...

the only way for ff7 to go 360 if it ever happen is by a remake ..and that won't happen soon ( the ff since 7 are BIG ...really big and to be remade will need a HUGE team )

There is also the PC version BUt as said before This option is impossible too since console publishing right are piloted by sony for this game ( it was after that squaresoft decided to release some of their games by themselves ... )

Do some research ... and stop Pm me ! You're persistant AND annoying !

Persistantthug3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

I apologize if my PM was intrusive to you.

I however will give my last reason and take on why I feel it's possible for FF7 to go to XBOX and why Sony would be smart to make it happen.

First, there are a couple of PS1 games on XBOX LIVE, Castlevania "Symphony Of The Night", for example, So that establishes that there is a market and ability, in terms of porting.

Second, Sony has established a willingness and aptitude to publish games on XBOX 360, albeit, through a different circumstance, they still attempted to capitalize on the XBOX my opinion, this was a testbed, a gateway-trojan horse to test if they could do it and even get away with getting paid on a direct competitors platform. OH yeah, almost forgot....that game was GHOSTBUSTERS. A minor title that I certainly didn't care about, but it does establish both Sony's willingness and MS's willingness to let it happen.

Third, Since FF13 is coming, since Sony LOVES to capitalize on RE-releases (think DVD, TV shows, Music), since FF7 has already been out for several months on PSN, why NOT release this on XBOX LIVE. It would be good for Sony ($), would be good for Square ($ + advertisement for FF13), and would be good for the overall health of the industry that's hurting, from this current economic recession.
This sounds smart to me, Sony's not dumb...they know money's green, and "money's money".

So Redempteur, when I ask "WHY", I'm not asking just for the sake of "being annoying". I genuinely want some dialog. So again, I pose the question "Why not"...Why wouldn't, shouldn't or couldn't Sony put this title, FF7 out on XBOX LIVE with everything I mentioned?

I'm sorry that you feel I've bothered you. It's just that I'm a PS3 only user, and I see the potential there and I just wanted to talk...hopefully you still want to as well, if not,
take care.

Edit...and to think, I lost a bubble, just because I wanted to ask you this is life though, I guess.

Redempteur3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

lol these PS1 games that went xbox live were by the willingness of the original devs ...

They weren't playstion titles ... ( as in ps1 titles with an emulator ) some work was done ...
And as i said before SE won't remake FF7 or FF8 for now ... they'd rather make new games with the characters than to remake the orignal title ... it's more money for them that way ...

you're asking , why , why not when SEVERAL people already told you WHY yet you refuse to understand ...

Direct port - impossible ( sony was the publisher )
Improved port - not now since SE won't make it ...

Satisfied yet ?
Ghostbusters ??? are you fooling yourself on purpose ? This was a multi plat form title from the start to finish ... the only reason it was exclusive for sme region was because SONY owned the right to the movies in some places ( europe ) ..nothing else .

check your facts .

WHy don't you ask uncharted for 360 ? WHY not ??
WHY not releasing MGS4 ?Everyone should gain from it ....

Answer : but why should they ???...They won't lose their catalog of exclusives rights and destroy what make them different for the others (Ms$ , Nintendo ) JUST to make some money !!!

EDIT : i'm not responsable for your bubbles ... maybe you should check the others places you asked "WHY ??"

FF7 on xbox live ...not gonna happen soon ..
Why didn't tales of symphonia never came on PS2 in europe or usa ( despite the ps2 being to lead console at the time ) ?? they could have sold a lot more !
Why does ( perfect dark or goldeneye ) isn't on live despite rare wanting to ?
Everyone should be happy ... Yet this doesn't happen because there is more to the releases between consoles than making money ... THINK !!!
Why is it so hard for sony to EVEN re-release some of the original PSone games on the PSN store .. Everyone should be willing to get more money ... yet it doesn't happen .

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n4gn4gn4gn4g3678d ago

FFVII to Xbox Live....

'nuff said.

Seriously...can the mods not stop this? This should be on BadJoystick not N4G.

Stunt3678d ago

Damn his approve squad.

Get this guy off here.