Resonance of Fate is long, fashionable, utterly nuts

Though the opening premise and stereotypes aren't blindingly new, I'm digging the decision to skip the 16th century and move into a more industrial-age aesthetic. That opens the field for slightly less ridiculous character designs, and tri-Ace has recruited actual fashion artists to help tart up the cast with a wide variety of customizable clothing options. Better still, all the cutscenes are rendered in-engine, enhancing the drama with leopard-print jackets and t-shirts bearing incomprehensible Engrish slogans.

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patterson3675d ago

I love jrpgs, but one complaint I had about them is when you changed your clothing in the equipment screen, maybe only the weapon would reflect the change but never the clothing (during battles, cutscenes, etc.). So this is good news for me.

vhero3675d ago

and outside of battle look god damn terrible! I hope it plays well though as looks aint everything especially with an RPG.

Noctis Aftermath3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

it doesn't look bad, but at the same time it doesn't look very good.
i couldn't understand the video so i don't know what the story will be about but i hope the story is good.

Also, why was the color so dull? perhaps poor stream quality?

bigjclassic3675d ago

the gunplay battle system looks interesting, but.........we will see.