DJ Hero Gets a Pricecut After Only 2 Weeks

It seems that demand for DJ Hero is not as high as Activision expected, as retailers have already begun to cut the price in the UK, after only two weeks.

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reintype3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

but some of their games are starting to overstay its welcome. Hopefully a few more would bomb, knocking Activision of its high horse.

Elven63680d ago

The first Guitar Hero didn't do very well either, infact, I think some sources are even saying these sales are on par with what Guitar Hero first sold. DJ Hero is the type of game that will sell in the long run, once people see it at friends houses, the price goes down, etc.

evrfighter3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

well how much longer do you think cod will be around before it overstays its welcome?

the last 3 CoD's were made off the same engine. While the rest of the industry has begun to surpass CoD in both graphics and gameplay (See DICE). At this point CoD is nothing more than a bandwagon. We all know what happens to bandwagons after they've begun to slow down. Or when the core gamers that started the bandwagon move on to something better. The sheep ALWAYS follow.

I give CoD another 2 titles before the same thing happens.

kratos1233680d ago

@ elven i trully hope your wrong and people would stop supporting these games i am sick of the hero franchise and call of duty
@ evrfighter i really hope your write these franchise are getting out of hand

Elven63680d ago

The last 3 COD's were made on the same engine yes but each time they were upgraded. World at War looks way better than 5 just as 6 looks way better than 4 and a bit 5.

I'm not a fan of IW's COD games anymore because

A. They always have to bash Treyarch
B. They try to do things to "break ground" but their whole gameplay mechanic destroys it (such as the hostage thing).

Treyarch did a great job with World at War when it came to showing how brutal war could be as well as giving a glimpse into situations that veterans faced during the war. They failed in that,

A. The sound of all the killing you did played to the sound of rock music...
B. Nazi Zombies really destroyed the brutal image of war they tried to create.
C. No moments of compassion, just constant killing...

I'm personally getting Scratch because it seems to be the type of game that gives you more control over how the songs sound, play, etc. And in its defense, it was supposed to be the first game to market until that stupid Activision thing happened.

velaxun3680d ago

I'm thinking it has something to do with the ridiculous price it launched at. 130$ at EB Games.... I bought GH 1 brand new for 90, that was ok, but 130 for what is essentially the same thing( a game and 1 peripheral that functions in much the same way), that's absolutely ludacris

Sitdown3680d ago

So just because you are sick of those franchises, other people should not have the ability to play them?...does your job or life require you to be surrounded by these franchises?...if not, you can easily avoid them.

JoySticksFTW3679d ago

especially when you add in the weekly song downloads, I'd go broke

I might bite if they keep cutting the price though

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Milky3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

I played it in a store, its fun but these music peripheral games are just getting boring now.

At above: Rock Band has stolen Guitar Hero's thunder in my opinion, expect BF:BC 2 to do the same to MW2!

gaffyh3680d ago

The only game that Activision really have now is Call of Duty, they'll be milking that A LOT. Also they make most of their money from MMORPGs.

Johnny Rotten3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

up next Modern Warfare Hero!!

gaffyh3680d ago

Lol that would be hilarious

Redempteur3680d ago

for rock band it's perfectly normal .. the rock band guys are the one who made the first two guitar heroes .

And them ( harmonix ) being true music fans doesn't help the "others games" that only try to put celebrities in the game in order to sell ..

And while dj hero is more than ok , because they tried something new with a new type of music .. the damage with GH 5 and BAND HERO was done . I'm sticking with rock band 2

Dmitry Orlov3680d ago

..."Guitar Hero: Modern Warfare 3" with downloadable zombie levels...
~reviewer about Guitar Hero 5

Expect this thing in a near future D:

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vhero3680d ago

"It seems that demand for DJ Hero is not as high as Activision expected" No S**T Sherlock. I think they saturated the market to breaking point and this idea was never gonna work.

El_Colombiano3680d ago

People simply can not afford to keep up with these peripherals. They are far too expensive.

kira423680d ago

Check out Tony hawk ride they totally screwed up there i mean seriously that game isn't even gonna break 100k in its life span

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