PS3 Blu-ray Lens Problem : Price & Solution

First row of PS3 systems is known for its fragile Blu-ray lenses, Total Manga checks out what seems to be a problem about the earlier model of Sony next-generation console and try to bring solutions for those who do not want to pay for another entirely new system...

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Saaking3681d ago

My launch PS3 is still running perfectly. Delivering great gaming day after day.

Mc Fadge3681d ago

But this one problem has caused hell for me.

40GB laser died, covered by warranty. Repaired 40GB laser died, covered by warranty, Re-repaired 40GB laser died, covered by warranty. Launch 60GB laser died, not covered by warranty.

$315 AUS :(

No problems since then, so it has a happy ending I guess.

deadpoole3681d ago

This might sound stupid or nonsense statement but what Ive noticed that leaving game/movie/disc inside drive when PS3 turned off is resulting deterimental to laser life.

It does seem that when PS3 starts with disc in drive takes a big blow on laser life thus resulting in early lens failure ... I dont know I might be wrong, I dont have any research papers on it.

This happened with my Sony DVD player ... died after 1 year of watchin movie cuz of my this habbit (leavin disc in drive)... When I bought same model DVD player again, salesman there told me about this (ejectin disc before turnin it off) at that point I lmao and told him like are u fínf serious about that ... but now its been 8 years (following his method) and same DVD player is workin like champ.

Apocalypse Shadow3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

you seem to have fallen into the low industry percentage standard.hope it works out for you.

so far,my ps3 is working great since ps3 US launch(60g now 500g).hope it lasts another 6 years like my ps1/ps2 have.there is the occasional web browser lock up that pisses me off,but other than that,great system.if they fix the browser,then i would say it's near perfect.

but for 3 years,i got my money's($599-not exactly that.i traded in some things beforehand so it's actually less) worth.i have used:

ps1/ps2/ps3/cd/dvd/bluray/web browser/memory sticks/online/streaming/ps2 memory card reader/eyetoy/pseye/swapped my hdd...and...


hope laser diode prices go down so that whomever falls into that low percentage can get a cheaper fix out of warranty.

LukaX233680d ago

I recommend not eating greasy foods like potato chips or Cheetos before touching your game disc. Call me a clean-freak but I haven't had a single problem with my PS3 and I always wash my hands before touching the game disc, the console or the controller. Even a tiny bit of grease can build-up and attract dust which will probably cause problems with the console.

terrorofdeath3680d ago

Thanks for the tip. Even though there's no evidence on it, I'll keep that in mind.

Triella3680d ago

- dust or fingerprints on disc : the particules and sebum tends to accumulate around the lens dirtying it.
- scratched DVDs may cause calibration problems to the lens.
- bruned CD/DVD : some burner softwares burn discs at an unstable sampling frequency which can result in reading errors or calibration problems;

However, leaving a BR in the console while it's off won't cause any damage as far as I know,

Projekt7tuning3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

@ Mc Fadge
I've commented on this before about my 60 gig. I went through the same deal with my laser, it would play dvds, and PS2 games, but blu-ray no dice. Unfortunately for me I too was out of the first year of warrentee and was so pissed that they wanted $150 us to fix it. I was mostly pissed because I had 2 360s replaced for free because of rrod and Sony was so flip about there customer support. At the time the price of PS3s were uber expensive still, so I just took it for the team and paid. Im glad because of the benefits of having the launch 60gig capability. If it was to happen again my local mom and pop video game store will fix the problem for $89. So I think if it happened again I would take my chances with them. I know quite a few people that had this problem, and if you look at the blu-ray repair kits on ebay, or goggle the problem. It seems to be a lot bigger of a problem than a lot of the hardcore fans on this site will admit. I just wish Sony would recognize the problem and at least make it some what more affordable to fix for the less fortunate.

BulletToothtony3680d ago

that some people that have had this problem sometimes is created because they smoke inside their home..

If you smoke you might want to cover your ps3 somehow without stopping airflow of course, but nicotine can be an electronics killer.. specially with the ps3 since it sucks air like an air purifier.

IdleLeeSiuLung3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Yeah, more than the RROD. However, with the recent installation option on the 360, this is a non-issue. I have had my Xbox 360 for 2-3 years now with heavy use and had no problems what so ever.

Now instead this is the biggest concern I have for my PS3, since all games require the disc to spin regardless when playing even if an installation is available!

This is the most likely point of failure on any system!!!

WenisWagon3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Looks like Sony has created another faulty piece of hardware. This is reminiscent of the Disc Read Error problem that plagued the fat ps2s (that I might add, conveniently started to happen right after the warranty expired, forcing many gamers to buy another ps2. Cheap tactic by Fony to boost their sales).

Bob Dole3680d ago

Bob Dole's launch 60gb quit reading Bluray discs about a month before the warranty went out. He called the number and got a box to send it in for repairs. It took them 6 days to send it back. After that the system's been running like a champ except for the fan being ridiculously loud. But Bob Dole smokes like a chimmeny so he assumes that there's hella dust on that fan and is going to duster the hell out of the insides and see if that helps.

Montrealien3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

and because your PS3 is running great it means the rest are Saaking? Typical N4G world revolving around navel comment. Just because you guys seem to have perfect sony consoles all the time does not mean everyone does.

My launch PS3 will be sent of next week for a new Video Card, it will cost me 150$. I am not alone. Now, because my PS3 is broken does it mean they all are? NO!

the PS3 ain't perfect, deal with it kids. Just call the hardware support line, there is a reason we ave like 6 choices to chose from when we call for a defective PS3.

execution173680d ago

i wish my 60gb was still alive, but the power supply went out 2 friggen days before KZ2 so, i bought one when it came i kept mine practically dust free since the day i got it.

just assuming it crapped out because i always had it on

ultimolu3680d ago

Sympathies Fadge. I hope mine doesn't have that problem. This is going on three years since I had mine. I cross fingers and toes that it survives in 2010 and 2011.

mabreu3679d ago

Out of warranty, I decided to buy the slim. Hard choice to make but worth it b/c the replacement system from Sony has a 90 day warranty. My Slim has up to 2 years.

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deadpoole3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

PS3 Lens repair cost is horrendous.

Marty83703680d ago

My launch PS3 is still running perfectly

komp3680d ago

Launch PS3 here. Still going fine so far.

wxer3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

same here

we cant say the same thing about any Launch 360's

RuPaul3680d ago

Launch 360 working fine here.

wxer3680d ago


thats funny
thanks foe the laugh that was a good joke

likedamaster3680d ago

My launch core 360(later added HDD) still working NO red rings. There are a lot out there that haven't red ringed but its beside the point.

Launch 60 gigger PS3, no problems.

4point7BillionLoss3679d ago

The blue ray of Doooooom !!!!!

Play Behind ....

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BeastModeYMOB3680d ago

My disc drive is broke too. I have a BC 80gb and I've had to send it to sony 1 time already for the YLOD. Then they sent me a brand new one 1 week later, 2 months before MW2 came out my disc drive went out. Sony said they would fix it for $150 but i'm just goin to wait and buy a slim when i'm done gettin my kids x-mas out the way. The kids can have this one until I get it fixed.

crillyconlig3680d ago

on me too, my launch 60gig, stoped reading blurays, lucky i worked in an electronics store at the time and got a free replacement :)