FFCC: The Crystal Bearers screenshots

New screens from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

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Valay3679d ago

Looking forward to this game a great deal. I'm a bit cautious after Famitsu's review but I still have high hopes.

Madusha3679d ago

Looks like a pretty good game...I like the graphics style.

SpoonyRedMage3678d ago

I'd say ignore Famitsu's score and wait for other people's reviews. I can't wait for the game anyway.

tunaks13678d ago

hey i just wanted to ask a question, since there aren't any weapons I'm a little worried about combat and boss battles, how does the battle system work?

SpoonyRedMage3678d ago

The battle system revolves around the interaction of Layle, the enemies and their surroundings. This can be simple stuff like just throwing one enemy at an another but there's also other uses like picking up a Cactuar and making it shoot it's needles at other enemies.

There's also the Reaction system which is much more complex and what looks to be the way you fight bosses, which is where you do a certain action that affects your enemies. One example is forcing a demon wall to hit itself. The battles have somewhat of a puzzle element because of it.

You can also have Layle pull himself towards enemies and kick them though so Melee combat is still there.

tunaks13678d ago

sounds awesome, this game looks promising.

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3678d ago