God of War 3 Co-op:Hercules gives Kratos a fighting chance

Early reported God of War 3 likely to have a online Co-op mode, now the real questions come up is this real and who will Kratos be fighting side by side with.

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LordMarius3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Is going to be his bother,

Technically Hercules is his brother but Im talking about his dead brother that resides in Hades

alphakennybody3675d ago

It's weird though I know zeus is his dad from GoW1 secrets but aren't spartan descendant of hercules given their great strength. I'm sure I learned that somewhere in a book. I think his dead brothers gonna continue the GoW story, from the secret of GoW 1 he looked like hew turned into something that would not welcome Kratos with open arms even though they were really closes brothers.

sinncross3675d ago

If the co-op has any narrative significance, then I don't think it will be his brother since that story arc is never considered canon thus far.

Its just a 'what if' scenario at this point.

Likewise, the story for Krato's brother is that he has become somewhat demonic while in the Underworld and wants revenge against Kratos... hardly a narrative co-op match here.

Though if co-op is like suggested, optional Challenge rooms, then the devs could pretty much put whoever they want for players to use like Hercules, Aries, Zeus, Athena.

LordMarius3675d ago

I just want his brother to make an appearance, its already confirm Kratos will fight Hades so maybe through those levels he will come out

RedPawn3675d ago

Like Josh said below, Kratos killing Hercules would be a monumental sequence and also my #1 fight, if done right.

El_Colombiano3675d ago

In previous games Kratos has done everything Hercules did in Greek Mythology. I was always under the impression that Kratos was in fact Hercules.

Prove me wrong guys!

Swiftfox3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Yes, Kratos and Hercules would be considered half-brothers. Though if you look at the Greek Pantheon, most of the Greek Gods are Kratos's half-brother or sister. In fact I think Hera Queen of the Gods was Zues's sister, in that case Kratos is related to everyone on Olympus.

Though Hercules makes the most sense to fight next to since he's a demi-god like Kratos is, then again, so was Percius but Kratos carved him up a big ol'tasty slice of death.

mn213675d ago

Kratos hasn't worn women's underwear....yet?

orange-skittle3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I wanted to believe you until you said "Kratos's half brother." Bad spelling discredits anything anyone says in my book. Once you say or spell something that doesn't make start to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher after that.

I never understood how 80% of you people passed high school with such atrocious grammar. Did you cheat your way through or were you part of the "push them along" program? If you read an article and the author couldn't spell or articulate correctly...would you take his article seriously? Then why should we take your comments seriously when you can't dictate a simple paragraph?

@ Sinncross

His name is Kratos not Krato. So when you use the name is the past tense..stop saying KRATO'S

DaTruth3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I think you guys will all be surprised by where this story is going. In one of the chambers of the Fates, there were clear references to the birth of Christ, which was originally the utter destruction of Zeus's Kingdom!

Christ is the reason nobody worships Zeus to this day! The game will likely reflect this. Unless they know that nerds hate God and many gamers are nerds, so in order to prevent a backlash, they stay away from this portion of the original story.

Kick The Ass3675d ago

Hmm.. Jesus and Kratos, taking down Mt. Olympus.
Hell yeah! :D

DaTruth3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Well, when you put it that way. LOL!

Guess I should have stayed on the coop topic, or stated openly I was going off topic.

What I said sounds positively ridiculous in a coop sense!

You saved me from a whole line of comments pointing out how stupid I am! Bubbles!

bjornbear3675d ago

If i could play as Jesus in a video'd be AWSUM!!! =D I'm sure the pope would have something to say about it tho xD

3674d ago
bloop3674d ago

Jesus in God Of War?!?! :D Special execution moves of feeding someone one fish and making it turn into thousands when it's in their stomach

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josh143993675d ago

well i want to be able to kill hercules

The Emperor3674d ago

haha yeah. I think it will be Athena though, since she seems to have this connection (being a God of War) and all.

Sonyslave33675d ago

OMG Herc HELL YEAH in fight their no way Herc can loose to the Ghost of Sparda i'm mean Herc match blow for blow with the Hulk.

swiftshot933675d ago

The blades of chaos would own anyone. They would have to give Hercules a damn fine weapon to match kratos IMO.

Sonyslave33675d ago

The blades are powerful but Hulk can destroy a planet with a single punch and Herc was taking them like it was nothing.

morganfell3675d ago

It may not be a single choice that the devs offer. Additional playables could be unlockable through trophies. Just to name a few:


alphakennybody3675d ago

wasn't perseus the one in GOW2, you the one who's head was repeatedly smashed between two doors :) So a co-op wouldn't make sense. As for me I'm strongly against the idea of having co-op for games like GOW I wanna feel the epicness to myself :D I might be the only one who feel that way thought:)

aaronisbla3675d ago

perseus was the one who got tossed on the hook

The Killer3675d ago

not something that will make the SP crap.

who doesn't want extra online gaming that will increase the longevity of the game without affecting the SP campaign?? only a fool does.

morganfell3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Perseus for two reasons. First he will be extremely popular next year....

And second there is a reason for him to hate Kratos when the game is over. Why does that matter? Because the twist should be in a co-op game that when you beat the title together the last level is the two of you trying to kill each other.

Everyone of those characters I listed has a reason to hate Kratos. Some more than others. And realize I am talking about a choice for a co-op character meaning he would be one of several.

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