Modern Warfare 2's Ghost getting his own game?

TVGB: "During Modern Warfare 2's launch event in the UK, the voice actor for the game's Ghost character, Craig Fairbrass, mentioned that "they" - presumably Infinity Ward - are considering a game solely for Ghost."

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Pandamobile3680d ago

Are Ghost and Gaz the same person? I can't remember if Gaz died or not at the end of COD4, and they're both voiced by the same guy.

Hockey113680d ago

If by died you mean shot pointblank in the face.. than yes.

MurderMyDoll3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Actually it turns out Gaz was shot in the back there's videos that people have put on youtube of close up looks and crap so it's possible I guess. Also I would love a game based solely on Ghost he was the only half interesting character in the whole game.

wohoo3680d ago

Would make sense, he DOES call himself a ghost after all...

Liquid Dust3679d ago

Ghost, Captain Price, and Soap are pretty memorable characters. The voice actors were casted perfectly for them and really bring them to life. I think anything with Ghost would be a success, hes a pretty badass npc in the game.

evrfighter3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

meh Soap sounded ordinary as in I already forgot what he sounded like. Captain price and Gaz's voices fit rather well.

sunnygrg3679d ago

Ghost was definitely one of the cooler characters in MW2.

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Cowzilla33680d ago

I remember people saying Ghost a lot, beyond that I don't remember much character development. I suppose he did have the coolest mask on.

tman6923679d ago

I only really knew him for his cool looking mask. And the mysterious "ghost" alias.

MajestieBeast3679d ago

Bobby Kotick: Well we have this great idea guys how about you make a game about the guy with the coolest mask?
Iw: Do we have to work?
Bobby Kotick: Nah the name alone will sell the game to the sheep.
Iw: Ok well go on vacation for 18months then well add maps and perks and a 5 hour campaign and you can sell it for 60$ again.
Bobby Kotick: Sounds like a plan.

Thats how this spin off will be.

DJ3679d ago

It's exactly how I felt when i played Modern Warfare 2. Expansion pack. Two years in the making. Ugh.

grailly3679d ago

would have been funny, if it weren't true

kaveti66163679d ago

I don't think I would want to play that game solely for the fact that I know this guy's going to die. I understand that his journey and adventures are probably awesome, but it's kind of depressing to always have the knowledge of his ignominious death at the back of my mind.

Especially if there's a line the in spin-off where Ghost would say: "Whoo, glad I dodged all those bullets."

And I'm thinking: "Oh yeah, Ghost? Wait until you meet Shepard."

Dawn_Of_Ashes3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Thats weird, sheppard kill ghost in modern warefare 2

Nac3679d ago

Shot in the chest... You never know, people in videogames have comeback from worse.

FantasyStar3679d ago

Like Big Boss for example.

The BS Police3679d ago

Thats assuming that fire doesn't burn... so it's pretty clear that Ghost died, if the gunshot wound didn't kill him, then he most certainly burned to death.

midgetsanx3679d ago

When he had the AK and started shooting, I started laughing because there were no legs or any parts of the body except the arm.
Pretty intense though.

peeps3679d ago

spoiler much haha (alright for me i completed it already)

tbh tho mw2's single player was heavily scripted but i actually really enjoyed if cus of the story. maybe it shud have been an obvious cliche but i really wasn't expecting that to happen. really cool tho and the music in the game is great.

but yes i'd say shot and burnt would prob mean he's dead :p if he was getting his own game possibly a game set before the events of mw2? maybe how he got the title ghost and the mask etc?

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