OXCGN's Forza 3 Career Guide #2 – Achievement Walk-Through


"Here is OXCGN's Top-Forza 3-Tips on a quick way to build up your first 110 Gamer Points with just 12 easy achievements, while also increasing your Experience Points (XP) and also gaining you some well earned Credits, and while doing all this, winning some cars to help you move forward in the game."

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gaminoz3678d ago

I still have to get this game, but being a 'low-skill' driver these sorts of guides are perfect!

BadCircuit3677d ago

I have never been very good at driving. I would definitely be classified as a 'low skilled' driver.

XboxOZ3603678d ago

I have a little un-official mod for the controller that I'll be un-officially sharing soon that will not only help with driving games like Forza 3, but also FPS's as it gives you much more distance in the axis range, great for better mobility.

But I never said that word that starts with "M" - okay.

Halo3 MLG Pro3677d ago

Are you talking about those lil extension sticks? I have those and use both the racing one and FPS one.

BadCircuit3677d ago

I love getting achievements so this guide helped me get some. Even 'low skilled' drivers can get them.