7.0 Atelier Annie: Alchemists of Sera Islands Review "At the start, Atelier Annie seems to be a bland, cookie-cutter RPG to be thrown into a pile of obscurity, but once past the introduction of the game the great little extras shine through to show off a great little hybrid of a game. People who are looking for a fresh twist on the genre or those who don't want to worry about investing four hours on an individual quest, look no further. Beyond the rough edges of this game there is still enough fun to be had to warrant picking Atelier Annie up."

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ShawnCollier3674d ago

Sounds like an interesting game.

Kyll3674d ago

I checked out the game's official site, I kinda like the music o__O

mephman3674d ago

Gonna get the game then?

Kyll3674d ago

Man, I'm tempted O_O. Even if I don't like it, I can just give it to my lil sister, her birthday is later this month, and she'll never know that games actually come factory sealed xD.

3674d ago
Redempteur3674d ago

li ked the start of the game quite a bit

cliché but laughable ..

lizard812883674d ago

you can lose alot of time playing this game. kind of plays like harvest moon.
and there alternate endings as well.

however since the characters(in game) have white eyes, i'm waiting for someone to swap the characters and turn them into prinnys(and its a NIS game too)