Are Annual Installments of Call of Duty Overkill?

Modern Warfare 2 has been unleashed and has resulted in mass hysteria at retailers around the globe. Being Call of Duty, it's only natural that such hype should be sustained by a brand name alone. But how long can Activision annually release the same series before their work reaches the predictability of other industry juggernauts such as Madden and Guitar Hero?

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DoucheVader3681d ago

Eventually the audience may get COD fatigue.

Sev3681d ago

While COD might be the one exception, I think annual installments of any game would be overkill. Also the quality and innovation will suffer to meet deadlines.

Rofflecopter3681d ago

I didn't disagree with you, mostly because I partly agree. Annual installments of ANY game would begin to get old and repetitive, and in the case of most games (i.e. Madden) the innovation does lack. Madden changes very little from year to year. In Call of Duty's realm though, there are two studios working on the franchise. Treyarch makes the terrible games every other year, and IW makes the games that actually play well. However, innovation still isn't top notch in the franchise, but it has the potential since each studio is given two full years.

T3mpr1x3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

Well just look at the single-player campaign - it's incredibly short, likely because the team really focused on multiplayer. Though it is enjoyable...Why not have two Call of Duty games, each every other year? One solely single player, the other solely multiplayer. I'm talking IW CoD, not Treyarch CoD. Kind of like what Insomniac Games does with Ratchet & Clank and Resistance.

Raoh3681d ago

here is what i could tolerate

New Game every 2 years followed by expansion packs for $40 or less

modern warfare 2 in 2009, expansion pack in 2010 (maybe in 2011 as well) modern warfare 3 2011 (or 2012)

Gamehead363681d ago

Agreed. That is a pretty good idea although we all know Milkivision will do the annual installments with minimal upgrades. Might even get the "remove features one year, then add them the next year and call them new features" Madden treatment. I will definitely not be a customer. I'll be damned if i waste my hard earned cash on that type of bullsh!t.

AcesHigh2913681d ago

I just feel that one every year alienates the install base.
Also when Treyarch ends up pumping out map pack 3 a month before the next COD comes out, it's just a bit overkill to me.

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