Final Fantasy XIII Pre-Orders Begin With Release Date Delivery

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Let's face it, Final Fantasy is the biggest, most successful RPG franchise in history, and there is no doubt that Final Fantasy XIII is on the top of PlayStation 3 owners' most anticipated list. With the game's North American release date finally set in stone, one major online retailer has already opened up pre-orders and is offering release date delivery, as well as a slight price break for early pre-orders…"

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doctorstrange3683d ago

This game is so close, it feels surreal

Sev3683d ago

I've been waiting for it since FFX. I had no interest in XI because it was an MMO. I skipped FFXII because I had moved on to the PS3, and didn't want to waste money on a PS2 game.

And FFX-2 well. I am not really into dressing up chicks and pop concerts so I guess I was sh!t out of luck there.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3683d ago

FFXII was pretty good if you ignore the fact that the protagonist's lame and the story's kinda dull.

3683d ago
Myst3683d ago

Already put my pre-order down maybe around a month or two ago? Now I think I may start paying it off little by little until it's fully paid off.

T3mpr1x3683d ago

Heh this is one series I am not engrossed in. If I were the wait would be killing me!

3683d ago
skatezero2463683d ago

I already have God of war 3, and this reserved and paid for ... now the only thing to do is wait =( ...

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