Interview: The Pornstar Gamer

Most think any hot girls who play games stick to the Wii or little Flash games on the computer. But adult entertainment star Mia Rose is the real deal; her Lv. 80 Warlock will kick your ass!

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Briefcase Joe3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )


Actually, she might not even be a butterface. She might have a fvcked up body, too.

Sarcasm3675d ago

I don't see what's the big deal?

Porn star girls don't just do porn, they do EVERYTHING. Literally.


1111113674d ago

I once heard from a friends friend that they are even supposed to sleep and eat sometimes like regular people. But shush, dont tell them bloggers :p

toaster3675d ago

They either play games or they don't. No need to go all apesh*t when one does. I play games with my female friends all the time! Unreal Tournament, CSS, D2, WoW, lots of girls play games.

beardpapa3675d ago

It's really her manager or some agent of sorts that owns the warlock. j/k =)

Just the thought of Surrogates flashed across my mind.

pointypants3675d ago

we started "Whorelore." Activision Blizzard actually sued us over the first two names - "Whorecraft" and "Whore of the Warcraft"

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