BioWare Reveals Mass Effect 2's Illusive Man

"GCO:During the latest episode of GamerTrailers TV, BioWare revealed The Illusive Man, the head of Cerberus. They've, also, released new information about Mass Effect 2, revealing a new squad member that goes by the name of Mordin, Garrus' introduction phase into Mass Effect 2, and the Vanguard class, a new character class.

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dgroundwater3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

FORCE TACKLE! Wow that's not bad at all. Maybe I'll actually make a vanguard account for my second character.

Wow, this new info just keeps getting awesomer. Watch the whole GTTV episode.

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QuantumWake3682d ago

Woohoo!! Martin Sheen rocks! He fits that character pretty nicely. :)