Nintendo Life: Electroplankton Trapy Review

Nintendo Life writes: "Electroplankton Trapy is probably the easiest of the Electroplankton titles to pick up and play, but it's also the most one-dimensional of the group as well. In Trapy you basically have five plankton to work with, each a different color and tone. You must touch the desired plankton with the stylus and then draw a line for it to follow. How the line is drawn will determine the musical notes the plankton will play for you. You can draw them in straight lines for a more consistent musical scale, or draw then in wavy lines or even in circular patterns to get a more rangy musical performance. You can even adjust the speed of the plankton's movements using the D-pad if you want to further customize the experience. If you want to change a particular plankton's performance all you have to do is tap one of the circles on the line and it will reset the plankton for you to draw out again."

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