What the kids really think about kids' games

Most gaming journalists might appear wizened and ravaged by age, but really they are young at heart. They remember what it was like to be kids, when handheld gaming meant bringing a bag of marbles into school, and multiplayer video games was just fighting over a SNES controller.

Youngsters today (inevitably) don't know how lucky they are – bright colours, smiling characters, and the most exciting technology getting cheaper all the time. But equally, kids don't have it quite as easy as today's adults did, back then. For one thing, marbles weren't branded with the latest grinning animals off the TV. And they never had the grisly prospect of kicking turtles and stomping on mushrooms censored for us.

For a hobby that's supposedly childish, real child gamers have quite a hard time of it. When they're not having every avenue of fun scrutinised for nasties and bad influences, they're often being sold game ideas that were boring and old even when we were young. So what do kids really think of kids games?

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Azurite4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

If it's rated E for everyone it's automatically a kids' game...
When will people learn it doesn't work like that.
Frustrating really.