Inventions of PlayStation

Not only Nintendo stand's locomotive of progressing gaming industry, I will say more - Nintendo, a couple with Microsoft is not ashamed to borrow ideas from Sony.

What the Sony brought on the console market:

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YLOD Service Tech3680d ago

PlayStation invented the most retarted fanboys as seen on this site.

Isaac3680d ago

Yes, most retarded after Xtards and Wiitards

lordkemp0073680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Micro$haft invented RROD, E74, disc scratching, pay to play online and over priced peripherals.

Lastly their worst creation was a new breed of fan who knowingly pays for defective goods.

Look it up in the dictionary and you will find the words - "Bloody idiot"

Elven63680d ago

4. Firmware updates started on the PSP? LOL! Thousands of consumer devices will have to disagree with you.

5. No, the Dreamcast had something called the "DreamEye" which was the first time a camera attachment was used on a console in such a way.

Natal is a copy of the EyeToy? Keep dreaming fanboys, camera tech is camera tech, some aspects are standardized while others are improved/innovated.

13. Second Life, The Sims Online, Phantasy Star, Everquest, etc will like to disagree with you...

This piece is horribly written and simply done to provoke hate...

Saaking3680d ago

Sony has indeed been the leader of the gaming industry. Without them all we'd have a is kiddie console and defective console with nothing but Halo. Thank god for Sony.

Elven63680d ago

Why did you reply to my comment when that has little to nothing to do with what I wrote?

heroicjanitor3680d ago

It actually makes sony look bad since this idiot is on their side, and they've done better things than what he "listed"(he tried anyway)

Bumpmapping3680d ago

Apparently you weren't here during the XDF crusade LOL

Jerk1203680d ago

There is/was no ''XDF''. You guys just use that as a mask and way to justify your huge amount of fanboyism and retardation. And it's not just you, probably most, if not all of the Sony fanfags that roam this website (that's many, mind you).


Mr Tretton3680d ago

PlayStation invented my job.

Weed and babes all day.

muddygamesite3680d ago

"Weed and babes all day."

Lol that was the comment of the day, bubbles for you! I think you and Sir Ken Kutaragi are the only reasons i still read the comments section.

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