MW2 PC: Please Reconnect to Xbox Live?

A user at Reddit posted an error message received while trying to connect to IWnet on Modern Warefare 2 for the PC. Only problem is that it told him to reconnect to Xbox Live.

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Pandamobile3854d ago

Shows the amount of effort IW put into this game.

That's f*cking pathetic...

evrfighter3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

just posted this on another article but I believe it pertains to this one as well

"Browsing through the IW forums there's an individual who's taken up the task of bringing real dedicated servers to MW2. taking a look at some of the .exe code we get this.

"0071EB98: 'set systemlink 0; set splitscreen 0; set onlinegame 1; exec default_xboxlive.cfg',0
0070573C: 'menu_xboxlive_privatelobby',0 "

360 port confirmed.

From what I've gathered the dedicated server code is there. But disabled. He's already figured out how to add the dev console line and he's turned lean back on.

There is no MW2 dedicated server menus. So I'm guessing he will probably have to figure out how to implement cod4's menu's. Of course if it does work it will be a cracked .exe so that means. You'll have to connect to a dedicated server not hosted by GSP's. Unless some GSP's get ballzy.

this was found by a poster at xtremesystems. this is part of mw2 multiplayer .exe code.

"006F3C48: 'server_hardware_mac_dedicated ',0
006FA0C8: 'server_hardware_linux_dedicat ed',0
006D8A34: 'Show pure servers only',0
006EB118: 'Show empty servers',0
006FEA9C: 'Enable voting on this server',0
006FF99C: 'Names of IWD files used by the server',0
00700AF0: 'server_hardware_unknown',0
00701580: 'Show dedicated servers only',0
00702558: 'ui_browserShowDedicated',0
00706B6C: 'Allow this clan to join the server',0
00708968: 'server_hardware_win_dedicated ',0
0070F77C: 'error',0Ah,'EXE_SERVERISFULL' ,0
00787A50: 'Set to false to disable dx allocations (for dedicated server mode)',0
0071600C: 'Connected to a pure server.',0Ah,0
00724788: 'Host name of the server',0 " "

sbstncstllo3854d ago

The pc version has KB and mouse support + in game text chat so stop whining.

/sarcasm off

erathaol3854d ago

Well good luck to players on fixing MW2's broken online PC gaming experience.

AnttiApina3854d ago

Looks like IWNet wasn't the biggest effort put on PC version after all...

Why did they kick out Grant Collier? He was the MAN, who worked on every IW game until MW 2! This what happens!

Pandamobile3854d ago

Yeah, what happened to Grant? Was he snuffed by Activision for trying to make a good game?

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snaileri3854d ago

this is funny and sad at the same time.

Gitaroo3854d ago

funny, but still PC version is the best very of all of them.

Pandamobile3854d ago


The only thing the PC version has over the console versions at this point is mouse and keyboard controls. God damn you, Infinity Ward.

LostCypher113854d ago

which if you remember from an interview was one of the defining features of the PC version, Along with text chat.

Captain Tuttle3854d ago

Did you break down and get it Panda?

evrfighter3854d ago

I have it :D

but I didn't pay for it.

big thanks to Skidrow :D.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3854d ago

Still seeding Skidrows copy.

Go internet!

Pandamobile3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Hell no.


My router is retarded and I can't set up a static IP for port-forwarding. Sh1t's only downloading at like 2-5 kb/s :(

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inSaneELF3854d ago

Apparently some guy found code for system link and splitscreen in the PC version's source code.

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The story is too old to be commented.