MW2 proves lower prices benefits consumers and devs

Infinity Ward's latest blockbuster made headlines across the world earlier this week - whether it was because of the raving critics, the smashed sales record, or the smear campaign ran by conservative news channels, a lot has been said about Modern Warfare 2. Surprisingly though, the one aspect of Modern Warfare 2 that is probably the most relevant to gamers has been overlooked - Modern Warfare 2 has proven that lower game prices not only benefit the consumer but developers too.

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FrankFoxJaegar3674d ago

Wow, UK buyers could get the game at the US equivalent of $43? Don't see that often.

gaffyh3674d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't have got this game for full price, but when I saw I could get it for only £26 from Sainsbury's, well it was too good to pass up.

I finished the Singleplayer, which was ok I guess, ending was quite good. Still prefer Killzone 2's singleplayer for some reason. But the online is fantastic, better than anything else available.

Mr Bobby Kotick3674d ago

We aim to please at activision.

We always think of the customer first.

4pocalyps33674d ago

yh i got this from sainsburys right across from my uni.

@ Bobby

goddamn man you're even annoying with a fake internet persona. shut up please!

Raf1k13674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

IW seem to have taken a leaf out of Guerilla Games' book for a few of the levels in MW2.

edit: Really? You guys don't think so? What about the level in the sand storm or the one around the White House in the dark (I think it's the White House)?

vhero3673d ago

I got it for £26 from Morrisons bloody bargain! Gonna trade it in for £35 trade value too for bad company 2 when released the obviously superior game. Thanks to that extra £5 activision added on trade value is more :). I agree 100% with this article though. If games were cheaper from launch they would sell through the roof at these prices. Every game would sell in the millions and it would seriously take a blow to the trade market which is what they want to do. As everybody would have the game who wanted it. Plus the trade value wouldn't be worth trading it in. Its win-win.

uie4rhig3673d ago

coz my local sainsburys decided to sell out on the game ¬¬ meh its still better than £55 :)

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gauntletpython3674d ago

Yea, I always thought publishers should be experimenting more with their pricing. Not every game needs(or should) be selling at $60. Smaller games like Brutal Legend would have done waaaaaaaaaay better at $50 or even $40.

WildArmed3674d ago

Agreed. It should be the budget deal instead of a full retail game MUST be X amount of currency.

WMW3674d ago

that wouldn't work because every dev thinks that their game is worth the full price lowering the price is basically saying its not as good as others . plus you can't tell how good a game is till after you play so it defeats the purpose of pricing it based on quality unless every game has a demo then gets a price based of the reception.

gauntletpython3674d ago

The publisher decides the prices, so the devs don't really have a say in the matter. Besides that, I also think that most devs are level headed enough to know whether or not they are working on something that will have a lot of mass appeal.

Ravage273673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

Did Activision reduce the price retailers pay for mw2?

Correct me if i'm wrong, but from what i understand, they are selling it at the same(or higher) price as other games so the discounts doesn't affect their earnings one bit. The retailers are the one incurring the loss of profit, and the huge sales due to low retail price means an increase in orders for mw2.

Activision seems to be the only party benefiting from all this =/

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rawrockkillz3674d ago

Valve has been showing this through Steam for awhile now.

WildArmed3674d ago

yeah. I remember when COD4 was still full price till late last year -.- (on steam)
God I loved Insurgency.. reall kickass FPS.

rawrockkillz3674d ago

Ya CoD4 was full price for a long time but i'm talking about other games on Steam like TF2 and L4D. Crysis and Overlord are on sale right now and they are in the top sellers list.

gaffyh3674d ago

COD4 still costs quite a bit from retailers, it has kept it's value for a very long time, but I guess that's over now, seen as the new game is out.

gauntletpython3674d ago

Ideally, that would be the way it goes. But since there is an infinite amount of 'shelf space' online, distributors never have to have sales to clear out inventory and make room for new stuff. If a company is money hungry, they could leave it full price forever.

shadowfox3674d ago

PSN and XBL are just as bad. DLC rarely ever drops in price, nor do games. Why am I still paying full price for map packs that hit 2 or 3 years ago?

gaffyh3674d ago

imo there should be a reward for buying DLC early. For example for Killzone and a few other games, I bought the first DLC full price, but then when the second DLC came, I would have to buy it full price. But people that didn't buy the first DLC get a discount on BOTH DLCs.

It's just a completely f***ed up system, where the loyal customers have to pay more for stuff than the people who don't really give a crap about the DLC until they can get a discount.

shadowfox3674d ago

Yea, too often it's the other way around. Devs shouldn't be milking the loyal fanbase like that. They should have like a DLC 'pass', where maybe you pay $10 instead of $5 but then you get all subsequent map packs free.

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iistuii3674d ago

Got mine at sainsbury's £26 and then as the wife works there got 15% off too. £22 bargain. Great game love the MP and cheapest game ive bought this year. Also they are selling PS3 slims for £199.99 and i bought another one for our son also 15% off it came to £170..Now that is a bargain.

kevin360uk3673d ago

The retail price of £45 can not be justified, it was just an attempt from Activisions CEO to cash in using the MW franchise. Sold out at my Sainsburys and Asda, so bought at Amazon for £32.
MW2 single player is excellent, graphically amazing and action packed, although i don't like many of the MP maps. I also think IW have played a bit safe, theres nothing really new or fresh in MP and more of been there done that.