Left 4 Dead 2 First Review by OXM

TMC: is now listing what seems to be the first review of the highly anticipated apocalyptic zombie shooter Left 4 Dead 2. Even thou the game was criticized when it was shown at last E3 Valve seems to have another winner in their hand with this sequel.

The Official Xbox Magazine gave Left 4 Dead 2 a 9.5/10. Here's what they had to say.

"An undisputable improvement over its predecessor in every way, and it steals its own crown as best co-op game on the Xbox. It's chainsaw-twirlingly good. [Holiday 2009, p.64] "

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TheTruth20093674d ago

"Thanks, but I'll get the definitive version on PC!!"


They don't even buy their own exclusives, but they're going to buy Left4Dead2 on PC. I laugh at them all the time. They think that XBOX360 lovers care about them on this site. XBOX players are too busy buying games and playing them. Look at October NPD.

No one cares Sony Fanboys. NO ONE.


Bumpmapping3674d ago

*Looks at NPD*

Oh I see Uncharted 2 was highest selling game for October....Xtards really need to start supporting Halo:ODST more seems like it doesn't have long enough legs for retail.

3674d ago
Cyrax_873674d ago

How could Forza outsell Uncharted when Uncharted was the highest selling game in October? I think you're looking at the wrong NPD...

Darkeyes3674d ago

Hey Cliffy.... Uncharted 2 537K and Flopza 175K fail harder bot!!!!

TheTruth20093674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

They have no ammo.
They just divert attention to another topic instead of staying ON TOPIC.
They're not man enough to respond accordingly.
Instead, they want to silence you. Cowards.

Here's their Greatest Hits:
RROD. Old news.
XBOX360 Console Exclusives released on PC. No one cares.
XBOX360 has no games.

They are blazing mad that Microsoft has replaced Sony as the preferred console this generation.

And here's the worst part:
XBOX360 has the highest attach rate and a much younger fanbase. They'll convert right over to XBOX720.

Sony Fanboys are angry and frustrated. They should be.

Now go and play those supposed "Triple A Exclusives this year".

Oh wait... Isn't a "Triple A Game" 90+ on Metacritic?

Nevermind then.

Ratchet and Stank. Nope.
Semons Souls. Miss.
God of War Rehash. Missed again.
Unfarted Too. Great reviews, a million in sales. Flop.

And they all (or will) sold like crap too.

Sorry Sony Kids. It's over. Go and watch Matlock and let the youngsters play the games.

Losers. LOL!

CliffyB3674d ago

Forza Motorsport was released at the end of October. So you are comparing a few days sales of Forza to almost three weeks of Uncharted sales. Look at the latest weekly numbers. Forza outselling Uncharted. Next up Left4dead to outsell Uncharted.

PopEmUp3674d ago

just look at the sale for both games of their first week, can you see which one sell more/less?

TheTruth20093674d ago

Every XBOX360 game will outsell Uncharted 2 this holiday.
They know it.
They don't buy games. Hello?

Modern Warfare 2 has already surpassed 7 MILLION in sales.
A 95 on Metacritic.
2 Million players on XBOX Live.
But Sony Fanboys try to downplay and criticize the game.


Again, Sony Fanboys... NO ONE CARES.

Uncharted 2 is long forgotten. Just like the PS3.

But BluRay is AWESOME! :-)

CliffyB3674d ago

You're right. I am wasting my time. Xbox 360 games always outsell their Ps3 multiplatform counterparts (unless it's some obscure japanese RPG or fighting game) and 360 exclusives always outsell Ps3 exclusives. Halo 3 over 10 million, Gears 1 and 2 over 5 million Fable 2 over 3 million. Can Ps3 match those numbers? NO. Goodnight, Goodbye.

Strange_Evil3674d ago

lol Hey cliffy.... GT5P 4.17 million sold Flopza 2 can't even beat the definitive sims DEMO LMFAO... Oh Mass Effect sold 2 million on 360 so flop according to bot logic eh? And UC2 first week outsold Flopza 3 first week spin that.

And a bot talking to himself on his multiple account and consoling himself awww cho sweet.

Isaac3674d ago

Xtards are typing "LOL" and crying at the same time hahahahaha

3674d ago
Stryfeno23674d ago

What the hell is an Uncharted? Is it a cure for the swine flu?

zdudynot3673d ago

Shockin, thats when you know you need to get a life.

BTW Xbox has some features i would like on ps3 but for variety and functionality.

WildArmed3673d ago

just for the record.. most PC 'gamers' are pirates.. so you shouldnt worry about PS fanboys 'buying' L4D2 on Pc lol lol =p

Anywayz, Played the demo a few weeks back. The game hasnt changed much (thats a good thing). Will pick this up right after I'm done with Uncharted 2. I loved the Versus mode in L4D.. and I'm expecting some more love from L4D2 VS mode. (Boomer ftw!)

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Mr Bobby Kotick3674d ago ShowReplies(14)
SpartanZero3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Another AAA title for the Xbox360

Mista T3674d ago

and PC....
blame Microsoft who don't have exclusive 1st party games for 360 when they usually have developers who are devoted mostly to PC gaming

kissmeimgreek3674d ago

okay... cuz MS a PC company supports both platforms... Sony only has to support the playstation. MS wants to fully support both PC and xbox.

iron_sheik3674d ago

just wait for more reviews

the game will be shafted for not much of an improvement over the original. exclusive reviews are always over the top. This wont score 90% at metacritic

LOLPSN3674d ago

another AAA

Damn Droids is going to be Mad

Hope PSN works for MW2

iron_sheik3674d ago

this is not an AAA. just wait for more reviews. the game will gets 8s and 9s mostly. also ps3 had 3 aaas this year including the highest rated JRPG at metacritic -89% for demon souls

the game is on PC too and could be played for free there so not really

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