Brown's arrival a grey day for games industry?

Industry leaders including Paul Jackson, Ray Maguire and Andy Payne have put a brave face on weakening relations with the Government after the Department Of Trade and Industry this week confirmed that it is downsizing its games effort.

When Gordon Brown becomes Premier on June 27th, he will inherit an administration that has drastically cut the DTI's games-focused budget, and discarded what many see as the key link between publishers and Parliament – the designated 'games man' John Kroeger.

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DirtyRat4744d ago

I really don't understand labour voters, most of them when you ask them why they voted for Labour again its the same answer "My family always votes labour".

Grow up for pity's sake this isn't the 1970s anymore, and most of the parties cover the middle ground, I am really pleased SNP won in scotland as I think Alex Salmond will make a cracking first minister even though I am not too sure about the whole independance thing...

Arf, anyway sorry to go into politics! This is sad news we should be giving more taxt breaks to the movie and games industry in the UK, when you look at how many games developers are now in Montreal because of the tax breaks they get it would be really good to encourage more creativity in the UK

techie4744d ago

WHy vote for labour? Because there's no one better. "im not voting for labour."? He's already in...

nice_cuppa4744d ago

im not going to vote for him.

instead of belittling me go look at your c0ck.........

now that belittle !

oh yeah.

thats right.

i went there.

whosbad4744d ago

In 2001 there were over 400 games developers here in the uk,now there are under 150.Even EA are relocating to scandinavia.Many cite the cost as a factor for leaving.

caffman4744d ago

I voted Labour, but I voted for Blair. I never voted for brown. We should have a general election before he takes over. It's not like it's a normal MP job.