The Escapist Bulletin: Why it's bad that Modern Warfare 2 is so good

Pocket Gamer writes: "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was released this week, and to absolutely no one's surprise it smashed sales records all over the world, selling over a million copies in the UK alone on it's first day. So what does this mean for gaming?

Well, George Carlin once said that if you vote you have no right to complain if the leader you helped pick, one way or the other, turns out to be a rotten apple. That might not seem like it has a lot to do with gaming, but let's put it another way: gamers lost the right to complain about sequels this week when they went out in their millions to buy the sixth Call of Duty game."

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MysticStrummer3679d ago

I've said as much in my comments toward other articles concerning MW2, though I wasn't as kind to the game. MW2 is an 8.5 at most. It's good for what it is, but the FPS genre hasn't changed significantly in over a decade and the sales of this title will only prolong that drought of innovation. The public has spoken. What they want is the same damn game, over and over, with only slight changes in the graphics, sound, and story. I'm talking about most FPS games here, not just MW2. I felt the same about MW1 (better than MW2), Killzone 2, and Resistance 1 & 2. My favorite FPSs this generation where the Rainbow Six Vegas games, The Darkness, Bioshock, and Borderlands. All of these games do something different than the norm. I'm currently playing Borderlands and Demon's Souls, laughing at the record number of people who bought the same game all over again. I can't wait to see the sales numbers for Modern Hypeware 1.9 when it finally launches. Less than five hours to get through the story... pathetic.