GameSpy's 50 Favorite Console Games of the '80s - Day Five: #10-01

GameSpy writes: "#10: Bubble Bobble (1988)

I'm going to boldly and triumphantly throw out the following statement: Bubble Bobble is the greatest two-player co-op videogame ever made. It's simply the perfect balance of cooperative and competitive elements, sewn together seamlessly to create one fluid and frantic experience. You grow to loathe your teammates as they steal power-ups and item drops from right under your nose, and abandon you in a sea of monsters just to collect some extra points. Yet, moments later, you'll both be high-fiving in victory as you revel in the great feat of harmonious synergy you both just partook in. It's this beautiful cacophony of chaos that keeps me returning and keeps each game from feeling familiar or redundant."

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