EA job listing hints at online multiplayer for Dead Space 2

Joystiq writes: "If an Electronic Arts job listing is any indication, Dead Space 2 is set to receive a gameplay feature that none of us saw coming -- online multiplayer support. The listing, which calls for the aid of a "Senior Online Level Designer," mentions that the new hire should "be able to work collaboratively with Creative Director and Online Producer to create extremely fun, satisfying and polished multiplayer levels." Those who desire to create droll, unsatisfying and shoddy multiplayer levels should probably look for employment elsewhere."

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kaveti66164828d ago

They'll have to speed up movement of the character to make the multiplayer less clunky.

Saaking4828d ago

As long as co-op isn't a focus it'll be alright. The game is made to be single player.

raztad4828d ago

Coop was pretty bad implemented in RE5, but side missions coop would be awesome. Looking forward to DS2.

Young Capwn4828d ago

IDGAF Dead Space 2 will be awesome, day one buy.

i dont care if it has multi player or not.

TheBand1t4828d ago

I'd like a coop mode. Like Necromorph Hunt, or have a competitive mode where it starts out as 4 survivors and 1 Necromorph, and every time a necromorph kills someone, they turn into a necromorph and help the others hunt down the survivors, until they either reach an escape point or all survivors are killed.

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foxtheory4828d ago

The feeling of being alone in a dark, gritty, horrific environment is what made Dead Space a phenomenal game. Multiplayer would be very awkward for a game like DS. But as long as the sequel has a strong, engaging single player mode, I'll be content and happy.

dgroundwater4828d ago

Yes. Multiplayer Dead Space is unnecessary. I fail to see how this will appeal to more gamers. People who want multiplayer will buy popular multiplayer games. We want a longer single player, no multi.

jack_burt0n4828d ago

needs 2 b different like demons souls.

tat2nyc4828d ago

Dead Space is one game that definitely doesn't need any type of multiplayer. I'll but the game without hesitation, but don't see why all these developers feel the urge to tack on some form of online play. Some games should just stay single player, this being one of them.

TheBand1t4828d ago

Because unfortunately, many gamers think multiplayer is a requirement for a game to be great. :/

Nihilism4827d ago

says the childish gamer:

"we damand trophies and multiplayer!"

says the mature sensible gamer who has been gaming longer than the current gen:

"single player games rule, I just hope it's as good as the first"

Moral of the story: anyway demanding multiplayer in a fantastic single player oriented game needs to GTFO of a dead space 2 article and go give mw2 some more undeserved praise.

I'm more excited in the fact that Dead Space 2 developement is clearly underway. Too long a wait my friends, far too long.