The Bender Podcast – Hero Games, "On Demand" Games, and we feel you MW2 PC Gamers

Binge Gamer writes:

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The tales of the MW2 launch for Mike, James, and even somehow Intern Richard Schupp (Perry does not support such violent video games)


-Modern Warfare 2 is Kind of Popular

-FOX News "Debates" Modern Warfare 2, "Defender" Makes Us Look Bad

-Modern Warfare 2 PC Players are Little Girls

-Braid Now on PSN

-2BeeGames Indie Game Competition Finalists Revealed

-SEGA Won't Release Alien vs. Predator in Germany.

-Mill O' Rumour: Drum Hero?!

-Xbox LIVE Games on Demand Fails Again: Monopoly for $30.00?!

-EA Buys Playfish

-…on The Same Day EA Axed 1,500 Employees

-BioWare Writer Can't Take a Joke

-Xbox LIVE System Update (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Comes November 17th

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