The Facts About Modern Warfare 2 Ping

It was revealed by CS Nation's Site Director that the PC version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, that your ping is terrible with the exception of the host.

Apparently the bars are deceiving. If you go in and see three bars next to your name, just let it go yet. This means your connection is terrible.

Zips (Site Director) states:

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Ziriux3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Just like any game, this will have it's problems online with host an such. I'm sure it's not too bad, although, up keeping the servers would do good service to the gamers.

Infinity Ward has taken good care of the console folks, we couldn't have it any better online and can't complain, besides a few things here and there when it comes to some bad hosts which usually end up quitting and a new host is assigned.

Saaking3678d ago

I despised COD4 for the constant host errors. They happened way too often. If MW2 if in the same, I'm just not gonna buy it.

gameseveryday3678d ago

But i dont get it why it has always have to be the PC gamers.

thorstein3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

in PC. As everyone that plays the consoles knows, those green bars are vibrant, at least on the PS3 side, I haven't played the Xbox Version yet.

EDIT: And to piggy back on the 1st post: No dedicated servers allows for this "host switch" mid game and doesn't "screw" anyone because the host (host server too) quits.

poopface13678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Ive been playing it for days and it works great. If the host leaves then the game reassigns a new host and everyone starts from where they were when the host left. It doesnt even respawn everyone like in uncharted 2, in cod 6 the game just picks up where it left off but with a new host. Most people on LIVE have 4-3 bars and I usually have 4 so im lucky.

Everything about the multiplayer in MW 2 is better than in MW 1. Especially the maps which are all bigger and more complex than cod4.

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diddies3678d ago

Well at least someone figured out a way to make it correct.

gameseveryday3678d ago

This once again shows. How the developers are ignoring PC games development!

Ziriux3678d ago

When they see a huge decline in sales of the game on the PC side they'll realize what they've done and will most likely make improvements to cater the PC audience. I don't understand why developers these days ignore what they started their foundation on.

Pandamobile3678d ago

Only the retarded ones like IW ignore PC gaming.

iceman29293678d ago

"I don't understand why developers these days ignore what they started their foundation on. "

Hmm i dunno about that... i mean haven't consoles have been around longer than gaming pcs? and arcades before that? they are just businesses looking to make a profit, and there is nothing wrong with that.

toaster3678d ago

"Hmm i dunno about that... i mean haven't consoles have been around longer than gaming pcs?"

Are you retarded or something? How do you think those games are made..

iceman29293678d ago

i just meant it in the way that "pc gaming" is not the "
foundation" of the gaming industry. Yes pc gaming has had serious effects on gaming (particularly with adding the online component to games) and a pc is required to make games, and consoles are essentially mass produced identical pcs, however as 3.1 was talking about devs and them abandoning pc gamers i thought it only right to point out that true pc gaming has only been around since the mid 1990's with the introduction of dedicated gpus and mass adoption of the internet. The pc gaming before that was still important but i believe the spread of video games started in arcades and the home.

That wiki link you sent me, maybe you should read the section on history.... arcades and home consoles were around since 1971. Home pcs didn't make an appearance until 1975... if PC gaming is the foundation of the gaming industry, how can you explain the existence of games before Pcs were available to the mass market...

Hideo_Kojima3678d ago

Bubbles to you I never realised that.

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gameseveryday3678d ago

Completely agree with you on that. Yes its the general tendency of people I believe that they do tend to forget their reasons for success.

diddies3678d ago

They don't forget but you have to adapt to the time of what is popular. Like any person would, you are going to do what makes you the most money. So if it calls for not giving the PC stuff because sales are decreasing to make a buck or two, then that is what they are going to do. Consoles are what is popular now days.

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The story is too old to be commented.