Miyamoto on lack of online support in New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Shigeru Miyamoto talks about why there isn't online support in New Super Mario Bros. Wii besides the lack of processing power behind the Wii.

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Valay3679d ago

No online in the game isn't a big deal for me. I'm finding myself playing less titles online these days. Besides, it looks like a ton of fun when you're playing with people near you and I'm not sure if that would translate when playing through Wi-Fi.

SpoonyRedMage3679d ago

Online would have been a nice addition but I'm not bothered. I don't really play online anyway.

Madusha3679d ago

Agreed. I barely ever go online (probably because of the real bad speeds and bandwidth offered in New Zealand). But the majority of people like online play.

tunaks13679d ago

all though i don't think NSMBWii absolutely needed to have online support, Miyamoto and Nintendo really??? A 4 player 2D platformer can't work online because of processing power? The real reason is Nintendo doesn't like changing the formula with their games. How can MOH2 have 30 ppl online in 3D? The Conduit had 12 people online in 3D, MWR had 10 online in 3D! Amazing isn't it. Either way this game is great, if anyone is skipping this for lack of online CO-OP there missing out.

ChickeyCantor3679d ago

Perhaps their engine wasn't optimized for it.
Do keep in mind that those games you mentioned have some visual effects down or any other settings.

Plus there is some physic works going on as well.
So perhaps its not as impossible as you say it is.

Maddens Raiders3679d ago

this is unacceptable and you know it. That is all.

ChickeyCantor3679d ago

Well maddens,
It really depends, while i do think it would have been a nice feature, its still something played best with people in the same room.

(saying otherwise may just imply you dont have any friends or loved ones that like to game with you xD)

YLOD Service Tech3679d ago

You can't spin this sidar. Too bad. NSMB Wii would have been amazing with an online multiplayer component. Look at Mario Kart Wii for example. Aside from the ocarina cheaters, the online mode was pretty damn fun.

Shadow Flare3679d ago

Basically, when it comes to online, nintendo couldn't give a ....

N4g_null3678d ago

It is common knowledge that fast paced games are not prediction friendly to network code. All online code uses some form of prediction to keep things moving. This is not good for most games from the 16 bit era because the action is alway fast and every second counts.

There are still fighting games that suffer from this even on the hd consoles and yes too are 2d.

Then couple this with the fact that most cheating is done by exploiting the prediction code.

Simply put online is simply not fast enough for every game. Yet if they all ran belowe 30 frames then that would make things easier. But we actualt like fast game play rather than floaty physics.

Another thing is if it is so easy then why does hd gaming still have so many problems with online?

Another thing is maybe you should learn how to make real friends.

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Isaac3679d ago

Last gen. SSBB was a mess, so was Mario Kart

NecrumSlavery3679d ago

BRAWL online was crap but MKartWii ran smooth.

Fierce Musashi3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Hey, bafoon. If you actually played Mario Kart Wii, you would know that's a load of horse sh*t.

What sets Brawl and Mario Kart Wii apart is the fact that Brawl was one of the first online Wii games out there. Naturally it would have a high chance of being laggy.

NecrumSlavery3679d ago

No more excuses Nintendo! Fix your crappy online and get with the times.

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The story is too old to be commented.